Special Issue 2, Vol.13 (2009)
'Post-accession compliance in the EU's new member states'

Schimmelfennig, Frank and Florian Trauner (eds.). 2009. 'Post-accession compliance in the EU's new member states', European Integration online Papers (EIoP), Special Issue 2, Vol. 13. [Download full PDF version, ~2 MB]

Introduction by the Editors (PDF)

Table of Contents


Post-accession transposition of EU law in the new member states: a cross-country comparison HTML PDF
Christoph Knill, Jale Tosun
Post-accession compliance between administrative co-ordination and political bargaining HTML PDF
Antoaneta Dimitrova, Dimiter Toshkov
Conditionality and compliance in Lithuania: the case of the best performer HTML PDF
Klaudijus Maniokas
Post-accession compliance with EU law in Bulgaria and Romania: a comparative perspective HTML PDF
Florian Trauner
From formal adoption to enforcement. Post-accession shifts in EU impact on Hungary in the equality policy field HTML PDF
Andrea Krizsan
Post-accession compliance with EU gender equality legislation in post-communist new member states HTML PDF
Ulrich Sedelmeier
It ain’t over when it’s over: The adoption and sustainability of minority protection rules in new EU member states HTML PDF
Guido Schwellnus, Lilla Balázs, Liudmila Mikalayeva

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