Vol.16 (2012)

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    Special Issues:

    Special Mini-Issue 1, Vol.16 (2012) 'EU Law, Governance and Social Policy'
    Jean-Claude Barbier (ed.)

    Special Mini-Issue 2, Vol.16 (2012) 'Beyond Euro-skepticism: Understanding attitudes towards the EU'
    Laurie Beaudonnet and Danilo Di Mauro (eds)

Table of Contents


Do agricultural subsidies crowd out or stimulate rural credit market institutions? The case of EU Common Agricultural Policy PDF
Pavel Ciaian, Jan Pokrivcak, Katarina Szegenyova
Beyond continuity: Analysis of the effects of the first Trio Presidency on Policy Coherence for Development PDF
Alena Vysotskaya Guedes Vieira, Sabina Kajnc Lange
Comitology and delegated acts after Lisbon: How the European Parliament lost the implementation game PDF
Thomas Christiansen, Mathias Dobbels
Portugal and the EU’s Eastern Enlargement: A logic of identity endorsement PDF
Martijn Schukkink, Arne Niemann
Time to Decide: The Effect of Early Agreements on Legislative Duration in the EU PDF
Dimiter Doychinov Toshkov, Anne Rasmussen
Transnational deliberative democracy in the context of the European Union: The institutionalisation of the European Integration Forum PDF
Óscar García Agustín
Explaining the evolution of European Union foreign climate policy: A case of bounded adaptiveness PDF
Simon Schunz
Ripples in a Rising Tide: Why Some EU Regions Receive More Structural Funds Than Others PDF
Thilo Bodenstein, Achim Kemmerling

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