Vol. 10 (2006)

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Playing the Brussels game: Strategic socialisation in the CFSP Council Working Groups HTML PDF
Ana E. Juncos, Karolina Pomorska
Lobbying for Justice? Organized Welfare in Germany under the Impact of Europeanization HTML PDF
Katrin Toens
Cross-Pillar Security Regime Building in the European Union: Effects of the European Security Strategy of December 2003 HTML PDF
Annegret Bendiek
Synchronised national publics as functional equivalent of an integrated European public. The case of biotechnology HTML PDF
Franz Seifert
A Co-integration Analysis Approach to European Union Integration: The Case of Acceding and Candidate Countries HTML PDF
Ceylan Onay
Eurodac: A Solution Looking for a Problem? HTML PDF
Jonathan P. Aus
The impact of Union citizenship on national citizenship policies HTML PDF
Karolina Rostek, Gareth Davies
An Institutional Perspective on Representation. Ambiguous representation in the European Commission HTML PDF
Jarle Trondal
When learning hits politics or: Social policy coordination left to the administrations and the NGOs? HTML PDF
Sandra Kröger
The Perils of Committee Governance: Intergovernmental Bargaining during the BSE Scandal in the European Union HTML PDF
Sebastian Krapohl, Karolina Zurek
Democratization, Europeanization and Regionalization beyond the European Union: Search for Empirical Evidence HTML PDF
Anastassia Obydenkova

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