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# date of publ. site/series author title
1 20.02.2015 KFG Karen del Biondo

Moving beyond a Donor-Recipient Relationship? Assessing Partnership in the Joint Africa-EU Strategy 

2 04.02.2015 EIoP Kiratli, Osman Sabri

The role of identity in support for supranational integration in EU Foreign and Security Policies 

3 28.01.2015 MPIfG Höpner, Martin Wie der Europäische Gerichtshof und die Kommission Liberalisierung durchsetzen: Befunde aus der MPIfG-Forschungsgruppe zur Politischen Ökonomie der europäischen Integration
4 28.01.2015 MPIfG Scharpf, Fritz W. Political Legitimacy in a Non-optimal Currency Area
5 28.01.2015 MPIfG Streeck, Wolfgang; Elsässer, Lea Monetary Disunion: The Domestic Politics of Euroland
6 28.01.2015 MPIfG Johnston, Alison; Regan, Aidan European Integration and the Incompatibility of National Varieties of Capitalism: Problems with Institutional Divergence in a Monetary Union
7 28.01.2015 MPIfG Scharpf, Fritz W. Die Verschiedenheit der europäischen Lohnregime und ihr Beitrag zur Eurokrise: Warum der Euro nicht zum heterogenen Unterbau der Eurozone passt
8 28.01.2015 MPIfG Scharpf, Fritz W. No Exit from the Euro-Rescuing Trap?
9 28.01.2015 MPIfG Höpner, Martin; Lutter, Mark One Currency and Many Modes of Wage Formation: Why the Eurozone Is Too Heterogeneous for the Euro
10 19.01.2015 EIoP Marangoni, Anne-Claire and Sophie Vanhoonacker

The consistency of EU external action post-Lisbon: Renewing appropriate measures against Zimbabwe in 2012 

11 19.01.2015 EIoP Baltag, Dorina and Michael Smith

EU and member states diplomacies in Moldova and Ukraine: Examining EU diplomatic performance post-Lisbon

12 19.01.2015 EIoP Selianko, Iulii and Andrea Lenschow

Energy policy coherence from an intra-institutional perspective: Energy security and environmental policy coordination within the European Commission

13 19.01.2015 EIoP Vanhoonacker, Sophie and Christine Neuhold

Dynamics of institutional cooperation in the European Union: Dimensions and effects. An Introduction

14 19.01.2015 EIoP De Somer, Marie and Maarten P. Vink

Precedent and fundamental rights in the CJEU’s case law on family reunification immigration

15 19.01.2015 EIoP Mühlböck, Monika and Berthold Rittberger

The Council, the European Parliament, and the paradox of inter-institutional cooperation

16 7.01.2015 KFG Ockert Dupper

Building the ASEAN Center for Humanitarian Assistance and Emergency Response. Is ASEAN Learning from the Experience of the European Civil Protection Mechanism? 

17 18.12.2014 EUIRSCAS Pek Koon Heng

The “ASEAN Way” and Regional Security Cooperation in the South China Sea 

18 16.12.2014 EUIRSCAS Elie Michel

Exclusive Solidarity? Radical Right Parties and the Welfare State 

19 16.12.2014 EUIRSCAS Ines Michalowski

What is at stake in military chaplaincy when Muslims join the ranks? An international comparison 

20 16.12.2014 EUIRSCAS Francesca Scrinzi

Gendered and Racialised Constructions of Work in Bureaucratised Care Services in Italy 

21 15.12.2014 KFG Rachel A. Epstein, Martin Rhodes

Banking Nationalism on the Road to Banking Union 

22 11.12.2014 EUIRSCAS Fulya Memisoglu

Between the legacy of nation-state and forces of globalisation: Turkey’s management of mixed migration flows 

23 10.12.2014 EUIRSCAS Gianluigi Palombella

The EU’s sense of the rule of law and the issue of its oversight 

24 05.12.2014 EUIRSCAS Per Krusell and Laurence Malafry

Fiscal Multipliers in the 21st Century 

25 03.12.2014 EUIRSCAS Jeffrey Yusof

Assessment of EU Postal Sector Policy during the Second Barroso Administration (2010-2014) 

26 03.12.2014 EUIRSCAS Daniel Augenstein

The Crisis of International Human Rights Law in the Global Market Economy 

27 02.12.2014 EUIRSCAS Juan J. Montero

Rail Transport: A Balance Sheet 

28 01.12.2014 EUIRSCAS Patrick Messerlin

Negotiating Mega-Agreements: Lessons from the EU 

29 01.12.2014 CEVIPOL Luana Russo

The role of non-voting in shifts in support for Italian political parties (2006-2008) 

30 01.12.2014 EUIRSCAS Donald H. Regan

EC – Seal Products: Seals and Sensibilities (TBT Aspects of the Panel and Appellate Body Reports) 

31 27.11.2014 EUIRSCAS Andreas Ortmann

Self-Regulatory Organizations under the Shadow of Governmental Oversight: An Experimental Investigation 

32 27.11.2014 EUIRSCAS John S. Odell

How Should the WTO Launch and Negotiate a Future Round? 

33 10.11.2014 EIoP Mergaert, Lut and Emanuela Lombardor

Resistance to implementing gender mainstreaming in EU research policy

34 10.11.2014 EIoP Kantola, Johanna

The paradoxical gendered consequences of the EU policy on multiple discrimination: The Nordic case 

35 10.11.2014 EIoP Weiner, Elaine and Heather MacRae

The persistent invisibility of gender in EU policy: Introduction 

36 10.11.2014 EIoP Allwood, Gill

Gender mainstreaming and EU climate change policy 

37 10.11.2014 EIoP Debusscher, Petra

Gender mainstreaming on the ground? The case of EU development aid towards Rwanda 

38 29.10.2014 EUIRSCAS Jan Karremans

Why not solve the democratic deficit within the EU through genuine transnational political conflict? 

39 24.10.2014 LEQS David M. Woodruff

Governing by Panic: The Politics of the Eurozone Crisis 

40 16.10.2014 LEQS Vassilis Monastiriotis, Dimitris Kallioras & George Petrakos

The regional impact of EU association agreements: lessons for the ENP from the CEE experience 

41 13.10.2014 EUIRSCAS Jesús Fernández-Huertas Moraga

Tradable Refugee-admission Quotas: a Policy Proposal to Reform the EU Asylum Policy 

42 24.09.2014 EUIRSCAS Alessandra Arcuri

The coproduction of the global regulatory regime for food safety standards and the limits of a technocratic ethos 

43 19.09.2014 EUIRSCAS Zachary R. Calo

Constructing the Secular: Law and Religion Jurisprudence in Europe and the United States

44 09.09.2014 EUIRSCAS Rainer Bauböck

Independence Referendums: Who Should Vote and Who Should be Offered Citizenship? 

45 05.09.2014 EUIRSCAS Andrea Calderaro

Internet & Human Rights in Foreign Policy: comparing narratives in the US and EU Internet Governance agenda 

46 05.09.2014 EUIRSCAS Davide Morisi

Shaping voting intentions: An experimental study on the role of information in the Scottish independence referendum 

47 02.09.2014 EUIRSCAS Jean-Michel Glachant

Capacity remuneration mechanisms in the European market: now but how?

48 02.09.2014 EUIRSCAS Jean-Michel Glachant

Enhancing flexibility and ensuring efficiency and security: Improving the electricity market in Brazil via a virtual reservoir model

49 28.08.2014 LREG Treib, Oliver

Implementing and complying with EU governance outputs

50 25.07.2014 EUIRSCAS Michal Gondek

Women on Company Boards – An Example of Positive Action in Europe

51 23.07.2014 EUIRSCAS Pía Riggirozzi

Regionalism and Health Policy in South America: tackling germs, brokering norms and contesting power

52 15.07.2014 EUIRSCAS Magnus G. Schoeller

Explaining Political Leadership: Germany’s Role in Shaping the Fiscal Compact

53 15.07.2014 LEQS Bojan Bugaric

Protecting Democracy and the Rule of Law in the European Union: The Hungarian Challenge

54 09.07.2014 EUIRSCAS Francis Ng

Increased Export Performance and Competitiveness of Developing Countries: Mainly a China Story?

55 09.07.2014 EUIRSCAS Ana Santos Pinto

European Defence in times of austerity – the case of Southern Europe

56 07.07.2014 EUIRSCAS Eva Ersbøll

Biao v. Denmark – Discrimination among citizens?

57 07.07.2014 LEQS Eri Bertsou

The 2014 EP Elections: A Victory for European Democracy? A Report on the LEQS Annual Event 2014

58 04.07.2014 EUIRSCAS Marc Lebourges

Economic replicability tests for next-generation access networks

59 01.07.2014 LEQS Daniel Innerarity

Does Europe Need a Demos to Be Truly Democratic?

60 30.06.2014 EUIRSCAS Yannis Karagiannis

Communication effects, ethnicity, and support for secessionism in stateless nations: results from a survey experiment in Catalonia

61 25.06.2014 EUIRSCAS Liliana Lizarazo Rodríguez

International Regionalism and National Constitutions: A Jurimetric Assessment

62 24.06.2014 EUIRSCAS Giovanni Agostinis

Constructing regionalism in South America: the cases of transport infrastructure and energy within UNASUR

63 20.06.2014 EUIRSCAS Karl-Heinz Neumann

Benefits and regulatory challenges of VDSL Vectoring (and VULA)

64 09.06.2014 EUIRSCAS Gianluigi Palombella

The Principles of International Law: Interpretivism and its Judicial Consequences

65 05.06.2014 EUIRSCAS Besir Ceka and Brian Burgo

Discovering Cooperation: A Contractual Approach to Institutional Change in Regional International Organizations

66 04.06.2014 EUIRSCAS Pier Luigi Parcu

European Networking and Training for National Competition Enforcers (ENTRANCE 2012). Selected Case Notes

67 15.05.2014 EUIRSCAS François Foret

Democratic representation and religion. Differences and convergences between the European Parliament and the US House of Representatives

68 13.05.2014 LEQS Anke Hassel

Adjustments in the Eurozone: Varieties of Capitalism and the Crisis in Southern Europe

69 09.05.2014 EIoP Chappell, Laura and Petar Petrov

The European Union's crisis management operations: Strategic culture in action?

70 7.05.2014 KFG Ockert Dupper

Coordination of Social Security Schemes

71 07.05.2014 LEQS Deborah Mabbett & Waltraud Schelkle

Searching under the lamp-post: the evolution of fiscal surveillance

72 05.05.2014 EUIRSCAS Sebastian Harnisch

Germany’s role in regional and global security governance

73 05.05.2014 EUIRSCAS Isabella Alcañiz

Managing Security in a Zone of Peace: Brazil’s Soft Approach to Regional Governance

74 02.05.2014 LEQS Renee Luthra, Lucinda Platt & Justyna Salamonska

Migrant diversity, migration motivations and early integration: the case of Poles in Germany, the Netherlands, London and Dublin

75 30.04.2014 EUIRSCAS Stephen Kingah

Flockless Shepherd – Is South Africa’s Performance in African Security Governance Marginal?

76 30.04.2014 EUIRSCAS Sonia Lucarelli

Security Governance: making the concept fit for the analysis of a multipolar, global and regionalized world

77 11.04.2014 EUIRSCAS Sara Bonfanti

Calling into Question the Link between Educational Achievement and Migrant Background

78 07.04.2014 EUIRSCAS Emil J. Kirchner

Theoretical Debates on Regional Security Governance

79 21.03.2014 LEQS Angela Garcia Calvo

Industrial Upgrading in Mixed Market Economies: The Spanish Case

80 19.03.2014 EUIRSCAS Lise Johnson

The Impact of Investment Treaties on Governance of Private Investment in Infrastructure

81 17.03.2014 EUIRSCAS Iryna Ulasiuk

To Segregate or not to Segregate? Educational Rights of the Roma Children in the Case Law of the European Court of Human Rights

82 07.03.2014 EUIRSCAS A. Denny Ellerman

The Implicit Carbon Price of Renewable Energy. Incentives in Germany

83 04.03.2014 EUIRSCAS Lukas Hakelberg

The Power Politics of International Tax Cooperation. Why Luxembourg and Austria accepted automatic exchange of information on foreign account holders’ interest income

84 04.03.2014 EUIRSCAS J.H.H. Weiler

Reinforcing Rule of Law Oversight in the European Union

85 01.03.2014 CEVIPOL Amandine Crespy and Sabine Saurugger

Resistance to Policy Change in the European Union. An actor-centered perspective

86 21.02.2014 LEQS Jonathan White

Politicizing Europe: The Challenge of Executive Discretion

87 21.02.2014 EUIRSCAS Dmitry Nechiporuk

Redesigning Maritime Space: EU Multi-level Governance and Environmental Issues of the Baltic Sea

88 20.02.2014 EUIRSCAS Yulia Raskina

Former Soviet Union Countries and European Union: Overcoming the Energy Efficiency Gap

89 18.02.2014 EUIRSCAS Elda Brogi

The Evolving Regulation of the Media in Europe as an Instrument for Freedom and Pluralism

90 17.02.2014 EUIRSCAS Petros C. Mavroidis

A Turquoise Mess: Green Subsidies, Blue Industrial Policy and Renewable Energy: the Case for Redrafting the Subsidies Agreement of the WTO

91 14.02.2014 EIoP Blom, Tannelie and Valentina Carraro

An information processing approach to public organizations: The case of the European Union Fundamental Rights Agency

92 13.02.2014 EUIRSCAS Elisabeth Johansson-Nogués

The European Union’s external representation after Lisbon: from ‘hydra-headed’ to ‘octopus’?

93 12.02.2014 EUIRSCAS Andrey A. Kudryavtsev

A systemic view of the soft power

94 05.02.2014 LEQS Patricia Esteve-González & Bernd Theilen

European Integration: Partisan Motives or Economic Benefits?

95 28.01.2014 EUIRSCAS Sabrina Marchetti

Black Europe? Some views from Afro-Surinamese migrants in the Netherlands

96 27.01.2014 EUIRSCAS Garzia Joseph Lacey, Alexander H. Trechsel

Trans-nationalising Europe’s Voting Space

97 23.01.2014 EUIRSCAS Christine Marie Fandrich

A Comparative Study on the Asylum Landscapes within the EU for Iraqis after the 2003 Iraq War and Syrians after the 2011 Syrian Civil War

98 23.01.2014 EUIRSCAS Jelena Dzankic

“The unbearable lightness of Europeanisation: extradition policies and the erosion of sovereignty in the post-Yugoslav states”

99 23.01.2014 EUIRSCAS Andrew Geddes

Relationships between Research and Policy on Migration in the European Union: A Practice-Based Analysis

100 17.01.2014 EUIRSCAS Irena Guidikova

Cultural diversity and cities – the intercultural integration approach

101 14.01.2014 KFG Elin Hellquist

Regional Organizations and Sanctions Against Members: Explaining the Different Trajectories of the African Union, the League of Arab States, and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations

102 09.01.2014 EUIRSCAS Rainer Bauböck

Should Citizenship be for Sale?

103 08.01.2014 LEQS Vassilis Monastiriotis

Origin of FDI and domestic productivity spillovers: does European FDI have a ‘productivity advantage’ in the ENP countries?

104 16.12.2013 EUIRSCAS Thomas Huddleston

The naturalisation procedure: measuring the ordinary obstacles and opportunities for immigrants to become citizens

105 16.12.2013 EUIRSCAS Maarten Peter Vink

Membership and/or rights? Analysing the link between naturalisation and integration policies for immigrants in Europe

106 11.12.2013 EUIRSCAS Ulrike Hanna Meinhof

Cultural Diversity in Europe: a story of mutual benefit

107 09.12.2013 KFG Stephanie B. Anderson

Mission Impossible: Why Crisis Management Missions Do Not Increase the Visibility of the European Union

108 05.12.2013 EUIRSCAS Iryna Ulasiuk

Comparative Analysis of Educational Rights of National Minorities and Migrants in Europe

109 03.12.2013 EUIRSCAS Damien Helly

Philanthropy in Africa and the future of EU’s development policies: useful synergies?

110 21.11.2013 KFG Andrea C. Bianculli

The Effect of Trade Agendas on Regulatory Governance: When the EU Meets the Global South

111 15.11.2013 KFG Andrew Geddes

The Transformation of European Migration Governance

112 05.11.2013 LEQS Melanie Ward-Warmedinger & Corrado Macchiarelli

Transitions in labour market status in the European Union

113 05.11.2013 KFG Daniel Berliner

Follow your Neighbor? Regional Emulation and the Design of Transparency Policies

114 05.11.2013 EUIRSCAS Ashley McCormick

Ageing of skills and complementary immigration in the EU, 2010-2025

115 04.11.2013 EUIRSCAS Pawel Kaczmarczyk

Are immigrants a burden for the state budget? Review paper

116 01.11.2013 LEQS Marco Dani

The ‘Partisan Constitution’ and the corrosion of European constitutional culture

117 01.11.2013 KFG Andrew Geddes and Andrew Taylor

Those Who Knock on Europe's Door Must Repent? Bilateral Border Disputes and EU Enlargement

118 01.11.2013 KFG Isik Özel Regional Blocs, Transnational Actors and Interest Mediation: The Cases of Mexico and Turkey
119 17.10.2013 KFG Vera van Hüllen

Political Legitimacy in a Non-optimal Currency Area

120 15.10.2013 EUIRSCAS Anna Triandafyllidou

Disentangling the Migration and Asylum Knot. Dealing with Crisis Situations and Avoiding Detention

121 02.10.2013 MPIfG Höpner, Martin; Schäfer, Armin

Integration among Unequals: How the Heterogeneity of European Varieties of Capitalism Shapes the Social and Democratic Potential of the EU

122 02.10.2013 MPIfG Höpner, Martin Die Verschiedenheit der europäischen Lohnregime und ihr Beitrag zur Eurokrise: Warum der Euro nicht zum heterogenen Unterbau der Eurozone passt
123 01.10.2013 EUIRSCAS Sergo Mananashvili

Access to Europe in a Globalised World: Assessing the EU’s Common Visa Policy in the Light of the Stockholm Guidelines

124 27.09.2013 KFG Ali Arbia

Templates for Trade: Change, Persistence and Path Dependence in U. S. and EU Preferential Trade Agreements

125 11.09.2013 LEQS Richard Bronk & Wade Jacoby

Avoiding monocultures in the European Union: the case for the mutual recognition of difference in conditions of uncertainty

126 10.9.2013 ARENA Erik Oddvar Eriksen

Reason-Based Decision-Making: On Deliberation and the Problem of Indeterminacy

127 10.9.2013 ARENA Erik Oddvar Eriksen

Reason-Based Decision-Making: On Deliberation and the Problem of Indeterminacy

128 02.09.2013 LEQS Alison Johnston, Bob Hancké & Suman Pant

Comparative Institutional Advantage in the European Sovereign Debt Crisis

129 29.08.2013 EUIRSCAS Fredrik Söderbaum

What’s Wrong with Regional Integration? The Problem of Eurocentrism

130 20.08.2013 EIoP Bürgin, Alexander

Salience, path dependency and the coalition between the European Commission and the Danish Council Presidency: Why the EU opened a visa liberalisation process with Turkey

131 25.07.2013 EUIRSCAS Louise Fawcett

Security regionalisms: lessons from around the world

132 25.07.2013 EUIRSCAS Shanto Iyengar

Racial Cues and Attitudes toward Redistribution: A Comparative Experimental Approach

133 23.07.2013 EUIRSCAS Tariq Modood

Post-immigration Cultural Diversity and Integration

134 23.7.2013 LREG Kaina, Viktoria; Karolewski, Ireneusz Pawel

EU governance and European identity

135 22.07.2013 EUIRSCAS Gianluigi Palombella

Global Legislation and its Discontents

136 16.07.2013 LEQS Patrick Lunz

What's left of the left? Partisanship and the political economy of labour market reform: why has the social democratic party in Germany liberalised labour markets?

137 12.07.2013 LEQS Saul Estrin & Milica Uvalic

Foreign direct investment into transition economies: Are the Balkans different?

138 09.07.2013 EUIRSCAS Antonio Estella

Determinants of Spain’s decision to leave the European Monetary Union

139 05.07.2013 EUIRSCAS John Wrench

Variations in Responses to Anti-Discrimination Legislation among Trade Unions and Employers in EU Countries

140 04.07.2013 EIoP Vandecasteele, Bruno, Bossuyt, Fabienne and Jan Orbie

Unpacking the influence of the Council Presidency on European Union external policies: The Polish Council Presidency and the Eastern Partnership

141 04.07.2013 EIoP Brandsma, Gijs Jan

Bending the rules: Arrangements for sharing technical and political information between the EU institutions

142 4.7.2013 ARENA Espen D.H. Olsen and Hans-Jörg Trenz

The Micro-Macro Link in Deliberative Polling: Deliberative Experiments and Democratic Legitimacy

143 04.07.2013 EIoP Ripoll Servent, Ariadna and Amy Busby

Introduction: Agency and influence inside the EU institutions

144 4.7.2013 ARENA Espen D.H. Olsen and Hans-Jörg Trenz

The Micro-Macro Link in Deliberative Polling: Deliberative Experiments and Democratic Legitimacy

145 04.07.2013 EIoP Field, Mark

The anatomy of EU policy-making: Appointing the experts

146 04.07.2013 EIoP Smeets, Sandrino

How issues move or get stuck: Or how to be effective in the EU Council of Ministers

147 04.07.2013 EIoP Busby, Amy and Kheira, Belkacem

Coping with the information overload': An exploration of assistants' backstage role in the everyday practice of European Parliament politics

148 01.07.2013 EUIRSCAS Robert Cooper

How does the European Union Contribute to Security?

149 29.06.2013 LEQS Michelle Everson & Christian Joerges

Who is the Guardian for Constitutionalism in Europe after the Financial Crisis?

150 28.06.2013 EIoP Sanchez Salgado, Rosa

From ‘talking the talk’ to ‘walking the walk’: Implementing the EU guidelines on employment through the European Social Fund

151 24.6.2013 ARENA Bruno De Witte

Using International Law in the Euro Crisis: Causes and Consequences

152 24.6.2013 ARENA Bruno De Witte

Using International Law in the Euro Crisis: Causes and Consequences

153 21.6.2013 ARENA Mai’a K. Davis Cross and Xinru Ma

EU Crises and the International Media

154 21.6.2013 ARENA Mai’a K. Davis Cross and Xinru Ma

EU Crises and the International Media

155 14.06.2013 EUIRSCAS Wenwen Shen

The Lisbon Moment – Challenges and Innovations for EU Diplomacy

156 10.06.2013 EUIRSCAS Thomas Otter

Crisis and Trust in National and European Union Institutions — Panel Evidence for the EU, 1999 to 2012

157 04.06.2013 EUIRSCAS Karolina Boronska-Hryniewiecka

Subnational parliaments in EU policy control: explaining the variations across Europe

158 04.06.2013 EUIRSCAS Tong Wang

Migration to the Public Cloud

159 01.06.2013 LEQS Maurits Meijers

The Euro-crisis as a catalyst of the Europeanization of public spheres? A cross-temporal study of the Netherlands and Germany

160 23.05.2013 EIoP Raimundo, António

The Europeanisation of foreign policy: An assessment of the EU impact on Portugal’s post-colonial relations in Sub-Saharan Africa

161 13.05.2013 KFG Thomas Risse

Solidarität unter Fremden? Europäische Identität im Härtetest

162 01.05.2013 LEQS Bojan Bugaric

Europe Against the Left? On Legal Limits to Progressive Politics

163 23.04.2013 KFG Arie Krampf

The Life Cycles of Competing Policy Norms - Localizing European and Developmental Central Banking Ideas

164 19.4.2013 ARENA Johanne Døhlie Saltnes

The EU’s Human Rights Policy. Unpacking the literature on the EU’s implementation of aid conditionality

165 19.4.2013 ARENA Johanne Døhlie Saltnes

The EU’s Human Rights Policy. Unpacking the literature on the EU’s implementation of aid conditionality

166 10.04.2013 EUIRSCAS Lorenzo Zucca

Prince or Pariah? The Place of Freedom of Religion in a System of International Human Rights

167 08.04.2013 LEQS Alexander Somek

Europe: From emancipation to empowerment

168 1.4.2013 ARENA Zuzana Murdoch, Jarle Trondal and Stefan Gänzle

The Origins of Common Action Capacities. Observations on the recruitment of Member States’ diplomats and officials to the European External Action Service (EEAS)

169 1.4.2013 ARENA Zuzana Murdoch, Jarle Trondal and Stefan Gänzle

The Origins of Common Action Capacities. Observations on the recruitment of Member States’ diplomats and officials to the European External Action Service (EEAS)

170 27.03.2013 EUIRSCAS Nicolas Curien

Net Neutrality is Imperfect and Should Remain So!

171 27.03.2013 EUIRSCAS Takako Ueta

EU Policy toward Asia and the Pacific: A View from Japan

172 27.03.2013 EUIRSCAS Andrés Malamud

Overlapping Regionalism, No Integration: Conceptual Issues and the Latin American Experiences

173 27.03.2013 EUIRSCAS Jan Zielonka

European Foreign Policy and the Euro-crisis

174 19.03.2013 EUIRSCAS Ana Paula Dourado

Exchange of Information and Validity of Global Standards in Tax Law: Abstractionism and Expressionism or Where the Truth Lies

175 19.03.2013 LEQS Mareike Kleine

Trading Control: National Chiefdoms within International Organizations

176 19.03.2013 EUIRSCAS Tan Hsien-Li

The Role of the Rule of Law in ASEAN Integration

177 18.03.2013 EUIRSCAS Thomas J. Prusa

The Use of Economics in WTO Appellate Body Decisions

178 01.03.2013 EUIRSCAS Fabio Sozzi

National Parties, Political Processes and the EU democratic deficit: The Problem of Europarties Institutionalization.

179 01.03.2013 EUIRSCAS Fabrizio Coticchia

The Role of Europarties in Framing the European Union Foreign and Security Policy

180 01.03.2013 EUIRSCAS Daniel Innerarity

A Concept of the Global to Conceive Global Governance. Four Metaphorical Proposals

181 26.02.2013 EUIRSCAS André Prüm

L’Union européenne en crise face au dogme de l’efficience des marchés financiers

182 12.02.2013 LEQS Ted Aranki & Corrado Macchiarelli

Employment Duration and Shifts into Retirement in the EU

183 12.02.2013 LEQS Paul de Grauwe

Design Failures in the Eurozone: Can they be fixed?

184 31.01.2013 LEQS Pedro Teixeira

The Tortuous Ways of the Market: Looking at the European Integration of Higher Education from an Economic Perspective

185 28.01.2013 MPIfG Mayntz, Renate Markt oder Staat? Kooperationsprobleme in der Europäischen Union
186 31.12.2012 ARENA Nina Merethe Vestlund

Changing Policy Focus through Organisational Reform? The case of the pharmaceutical unit in the European Commission

187 31.12.2012 LEQS Joan Costa-i-Font

Fiscal Federalism and European Health System Decentralization: A Perspective

188 31.12.2012 ARENA Nina Merethe Vestlund

Changing Policy Focus through Organisational Reform? The case of the pharmaceutical unit in the European Commission

189 17.12.2012 EUIRSCAS Ritsa Panagiotou

The Impact of the Economic Crisis on the Western Balkans and their EU Accession Prospects

190 12.12.2012 LREG Heidbreder, Eva G.

Civil society participation in EU governance

191 11.12.2012 EUIRSCAS Nuno Severiano Teixeira

European Defence: Challenges after the Treaty of Lisbon

192 09.12.2012 EUIRSCAS Lawrence Lessig

Institutional Corruptions

193 29.11.2012 EIoP Ciaian, Pavel; Pokrivcak, Jan and Katarina Szegenyova

Do agricultural subsidies crowd out or stimulate rural credit market institutions? The case of EU Common Agricultural Policy

194 19.11.2012 EUIRSCAS Matthew Hindman

Personalization and the Future of News

195 14.11.2012 KFG Mathieu Rousselin

The EU as a Multilateral Rule Exporter - The Global Transfer of European Rules via International Organizations

196 14.11.2012 LEQS Waltraud Schelkle

Collapsing Worlds and Varieties of welfare capitalism: In search of a new political economy of welfare

197 11.2012 EUIRSCAS Camille Bedock, Peter Mair and Alex Wilson

Institutional Change in Advanced European Democracies: an exploratory assessment

198 11.2012 EUIRSCAS Camille Bedock, Peter Mair and Alex Wilson

Institutional Change in Advanced European Democracies: an exploratory assessment

199 29.10.2012 KFG Arie Krampf

The Consolidation of the Anglo-Saxon/European Consensus on Price Stability - From International Coordination to a Rule-Based Monetary Regime

200 05.10.2012 EUIRSCAS Daniel Markovits

A Problem Concerning Proportional Representation: Constitutional Politics and the Crisis of Democratic Legitimacy

201 05.10.2012 EUIRSCAS Antoine Vauchez

The Fabric of International Jurisprudence. An Interdisciplinary Encounter

202 01.10.2012 LEQS Riccardo Crescenzi, Carlo Pietrobelli & Roberta Rabellotti

Innovation Drivers, Value Chains and the Geography of Multinational Firms in European Regions

203 27.09.2012 EUIRSCAS Saul Levmore

A Public Choice View of IP(rizes)

204 21.09.2012 LEQS Kevin Featherstone

Le choc de la nouvelle? Maastricht, déjà vu and EMU reform

205 17.09.2012 KFG Diarmuid Torney

Assessing EU Leadership on Climate Change - The Limits of Diffusion in EU Relations with China and India

206 17.09.2012 KFG Katja Biedenkopf

Emissions Trading - A Transatlantic Journey for an Idea?

207 15.09.2012 CEVIPOL Renaud Foucart and Marjorie Gassner and Emilie Van Haute

Une typologie des résultats électoraux basée sur le comportement des électeurs volatiles en Belgique

208 13.09.2012 KFG Nico Jaspers

Not Another GMO - Explaining Europe’s Approach to Nanotechnologies

209 30.08.2012 EUIRSCAS Cristina Fasone

The Struggle of the European Parliament to Participate in the New Economic Governance

210 30.08.2012 EUIRSCAS Giuseppe Bianco

The New Financial Stability Mechanisms and Their (Poor) Consistency with EU Law

211 23.8.2012 EIoP Vieira, Alena Vysotskaya Guedes; Kajnc Lange, Sabina

Beyond continuity: Analysis of the effects of the first Trio Presidency on Policy Coherence for Development

212 23.8.2012 EIoP Christiansen, Thomas; Dobbels, Mathias

Comitology and delegated acts after Lisbon: How the European Parliament lost the implementation game

213 10.08.2012 KFG Lance Bennett

Grounding the European Public Sphere - Looking Beyond the Mass Media to Digitally Mediated Issue Publics

214 2.8.2012 EUIRSCAS Bart Van Vooren

The Global Reach of the Proposed EU Financial Transaction Tax Directive: Creating Momentum through Internal Legislation?

215 31.07.2012 KFG Assem Dandashly

The Holy Trinity of Democracy, Economic Development, and Security. EU Democratization Efforts Beyond its Borders - The Case of Tunisia

216 31.7.2012 EIoP Schukkink, Martijn; Niemann, Arne

Portugal and the EU’s Eastern Enlargement: A logic of identity endorsement

217 10.07.2012 LEQS Sacha Garben

The Future of Higher Education in Europe: The Case for a Stronger Base in EU Law

218 05.07.2012 EUIRSCAS Nidal R. Sabri


219 03.07.2012 KFG Bilgin Ayata

Tolerance as a European Norm or an Ottoman Practice? An Analysis of Turkish Public Debates on the (Re)Opening of an Armenian Church in the Context of Turkey’s EU Candidacy and Neo-Ottoman Revival

220 03.07.2012 EUIRSCAS Catriona Seth

Should EU Citizens Living in other Member States Vote there in National Elections?

221 01.07.2012 LEQS Anke Hassel & Susanne Lütz

Balancing Competition and Cooperation: The State’s New Power in Crisis Management

222 07.2012 EUIRSCAS Pieter Bevelander and Ravi Pendakur

Citizenship acquisition, employment prospects and earnings: comparing two cool countries

223 28.6.2012 ARENA Falk Daviter

Framing Biotechnology Policy in the European Union

224 28.6.2012 ARENA Falk Daviter

Framing Biotechnology Policy in the European Union

225 21.06.2012 KFG Ulrike Lorenz

Transformations on Whose Terms? Understanding the New EU-ACP Trade Relations from the Outside In

226 06.2012 EUIRSCAS Katarzyna Bilicka and Clemens Fuest

With which countries do tax havens share information?

227 01.06.2012 LEQS Michelle Everson

A Technology of Expertise: EU Financial Services Agencies

228 23.05.2012 KFG Sally Khalifa Isaac

Europe and the Arab Revolutions - From a Weak to a Proactive Response to a Changing Neighborhood

229 11.5.2012 EIoP Toshkov, Dimiter and Anne Rasmussen

Time to Decide: The effect of early agreements on legislative duration in the EU

230 01.05.2012 LEQS Nickolas Cherrier

EU Diplomacy at 27: United in Diversity?

231 25.04.2012 EIoP García Agustín, Óscar

Transnational deliberative democracy in the context of the European Union: The institutionalisation of the European Integration Forum

232 13.04.2012 KFG Liesbet Hooghe

The European Commission in the 21st Century - Core Beliefs on EU Governance

233 13.04.2012 KFG Liesbet Hooghe, Gary Marks

Beyond Federalism - Estimating and Explaining the Territorial Structure of Government

234 11.4.2012 ARENA Morten Egeberg

Experiments in Supranational Institutionbuilding: The European Commission as a Laboratory

235 11.4.2012 ARENA Morten Egeberg

Experiments in Supranational Institutionbuilding: The European Commission as a Laboratory

236 2.4.2012 EUIRSCAS António José Costa Silva

Global Security Challenges for Europe: Structural and strategic changes in energy markets and major implications

237 1.4.2012 EUIRSCAS Jelena Dzankic

The pros and cons of ius pecuniae: investor citizenship in comparative perspective

238 04.2012 EUIRSCAS Gareth Davies

The family rights of European children: expulsion of non-European parents

239 29.3.2012 ARENA Cathrine Holst

Equal Pay and Dilemmas of Justice

240 29.3.2012 ARENA Cathrine Holst

Equal Pay and Dilemmas of Justice

241 8.3.2012 ARENA Helene Sjursen

From Fly in the Ointment to Accomplice: Norway in EU Foreign and Security Policy

242 8.3.2012 ARENA Helene Sjursen

From Fly in the Ointment to Accomplice: Norway in EU Foreign and Security Policy

243 6.3.2012 ARENA Jarle Trondal and B. Guy Peters

The Rise of European Adminstrative Space: Lessons Learned

244 6.3.2012 ARENA Jarle Trondal and B. Guy Peters

The Rise of European Adminstrative Space: Lessons Learned

245 02.03.2012 KFG Tanja A. Börzel, Digdem Soyaltin

Europeanization in Turkey - Stretching a Concept to its Limits?

246 03.2012 EUIRSCAS Margot E. Salomon

Is There a Legal Duty to Address World Poverty?

247 21.02.2012 EIoP Schunz, Simon

Explaining the evolution of European Union foreign climate policy: A case of bounded adaptiveness

248 14.02.2012 EIoP Jean-Claude, Barbier and Fabrice Colomb

EU Law as Janus bifrons, a sociological approach to 'Social Europe'

249 13.02.2012 EIoP Koukiadaki, Aristea

EU governance and social services of general interest: When even the UK is concerned

250 13.02.2012 EIoP Cautrès, Bruno

Multidimensionality of EU attitudes in France: An issue for the understanding of the politicization of attitudes towards the EU

251 13.02.2012 EIoP Hartlapp, Miriam

Deconstructing EU old age policy: Assessing the potential of soft OMCs and hard EU law

252 13.02.2012 EIoP Marginson, Paul; Keune, Maarten

European social dialogue as multi-level governance: Towards more autonomy and new dependencies

253 13.02.2012 EIoP Beaudonnet, Laurie and Danilo Di Mauro

Support for Europe: Assessing the complexity of individual attitudes

254 13.02.2012 EIoP Arnold, Christine, Eliyahu V. Sapir and Galina Zapryanova

Trust in the institutions of the European Union: A cross-country examination

255 2.2.2012 EUIRSCAS Raül Hernández i Sagrera and Oleg Korneev

Bringing EU migration cooperation to the Eastern neighbourhood: convergence beyond the acquis communautaire?

256 02.2012 EUIRSCAS Charles A. Kupchan

The Governance Gap: Globalization and the Crisis of Democracy in the West

257 30.01.2012 EIoP Bodenstein, Thilo and Achim Kemmerling

Ripples in a rising tide: Why some EU regions receive more structural funds than others

258 25.1.2012 LREG Schimmelfennig, Frank

Europeanization beyond Europe

259 20.01.2012 LEQS Jonathan White

Parallel Lives: Social Comparison Across National Boundaries

260 10.1.2012 ARENA Jarle Trondal

On Bureaucratic Centre Formation. Lessons from the European Commission

261 10.1.2012 ARENA Jarle Trondal

On Bureaucratic Centre Formation. Lessons from the European Commission

262 04.01.2012 LEQS Niclas Meyer

Political Contestation in the Shadow of Hierarchy

263 2.1.2012 EUIRSCAS José Tavares, Jaime Luque and Massimo Morelli

A Volatility-based Theory of Fiscal Union Formation

264 2012 CEVIPOL Amandine Crespy

The sectorization of policy-making and resistance to policy change: the case of the European Union

265 01.2012 EUIRSCAS Félix Peña

Mercosur as a Regional and Global Protagonist

266 01.2012 EUIRSCAS Takis S. Pappas

Populism Emergent: A framework for analyzing its contexts, mechanics, and outcomes

267 2012 CEVIPOL Arthur Borriello

Revisiter l'espace politique du Parlement européen: un nouveau regard sur le comportement de vote des eurodéputés

268 31.12.2011 ScPo Olivier Rozenberg

Monnet for Nothing? France's Mixed Europeanization

269 31.12.2011 ScPo Cesar Garcia Perez de Leon

Coalition Formation and Agenda Setting in EU Environmental Policy after the Enlargement

270 21.12.2011 EIoP Wolf, Sebastian

Euratom Before the Court: A Political Theory of Legal Non-Integration

271 20.12.2011 KFG Julia Langbein

Organizing Regulatory Convergence Outside the EU. Setting Policy-Specific Conditionality and Building Domestic Capacities

272 20.12.2011 KFG Tanja A. Börzel, Vera van Hüllen

Good Governance and Bad Neighbors? The Limits of the Transformative Power of Europe

273 20.12.2011 KFG Torben Heinze

Mechanism-Based Thinking on Policy Diffusion. A Review of Current Approaches in Political Science

274 20.12.2011 LEQS Richard Hyman

Trade Unions, Lisbon and Europe 2020: From Dream to Nightmare

275 16.12.2011 LREG Rohrschneider, Robert; Loveless, Matthew

Public perceptions of the EU as a system of governance

276 13.12.2011 ScPo Andreas Grimmel

Integration and the Context of Law: Why the European Court of Justice is not a Political Actor

277 6.12.2011 ARENA Daniel Gaus

The State's Existence between Facts and Norms. A Reflection on some Problems to the Analysis of the State

278 6.12.2011 ARENA Daniel Gaus

The State's Existence between Facts and Norms. A Reflection on some Problems to the Analysis of the State

279 06.12.2011 LEQS Richard Wagner

The Reference Points of EU Judicial Politics

280 6.12.2011 ARENA Espen D. H. Olsen and Hans-Jörg Trenz

From Citizens' Deliberation to Popular Will Formation. Generating Democratic Legitimacy Through Transnational Deliberative Polling

281 6.12.2011 ARENA Espen D. H. Olsen and Hans-Jörg Trenz

From Citizens' Deliberation to Popular Will Formation. Generating Democratic Legitimacy Through Transnational Deliberative Polling

282 12.2011 EUIRSCAS Jo Shaw

Has the European Court of Justice Challenged Member State Sovereignty in Nationality Law?

283 12.2011 EUIRSCAS Mattia Guidi

Does Independence Affect Regulatory Performance? The case of national competition authorities in the European Union

284 12.2011 RECON Cathleen Kantner

European Identity as Commercium and Communio in Transnational Debates on Wars and Humanitarian Military Interventions

285 12.2011 RECON Cathleen Kantner

Debating humanitarian military interventions in the European public sphere

286 12.2011 RECON Ben Crum

What Do We Owe the Poles (or the Greeks)? Three Emerging Duties of Transnational Social Justice in the European Union

287 12.2011 RECON Michelle Everson and Christian Joerges

Reconfiguring the politics-law relationship in the integration project through conflicts-law constitutionalism

288 12.2011 RECON Federica Bicchi

The Role of Information and Knowledge in the EU Foreign Policy System Evidence from Heads of Mission’s Reports

289 12.2011 RECON Carlos Closa Montero

Moving away from unanimity: Ratification of the Treaty on Stability, Coordination and Governance in the Economic and Monetary Union

290 12.2011 RECON Katherine Lyons and Christine Cheyne

Social insurance mechanisms in the European Union

291 12.2011 RECON Elisabeth Wisniewski

Coming to terms with the ‘legitimacy crisis’ of European foreign politics: The European Parliament pushing the frontiers of consultation

292 12.2011 RECON Dariusz Niedźwiedzki (Jagellonian University)

Regional, Ethnic, European? Complex Identity Construction of Silesians in the Context of Cultural Borderland

293 12.2011 RECON Waltraud Schelkle

Choice in European reforms of social policies: The case of public employment services

294 12.2011 RECON Sara Clavero, Yvonne Galligan, Cathrine Holst, Róza Vajda and Katarzyna Zielińska

RECON: A Feminist View

295 12.2011 RECON Cathrine Holst

Equal pay and dilemmas of justice

296 30.11.2011 MPIfG Scharpf, Fritz W.

Monetary Union, Fiscal Crisis and the Preemption of Democracy

297 30.11.2011 MPIfG Seikel, Daniel

Wie die Europäische Kommission Liberalisierung durchsetzt: Der Konflikt um das öffentlich-rechtliche Bankenwesen in Deutschland

298 23.11.2011 EIoP Schmitt, Sophie; Schulze, Kai

Choosing environmental policy instruments: An assessment of the 'environmental dimension' of EU energy policy

299 23.11.2011 KFG Esther Ademmer

You Make Us Do What We Want! The Usage of External Actors and Policy Conditionality in the European Neighborhood

300 23.11.2011 EIoP Dupont, Claire; Primova, Radostina

Combating complexity: the integration of EU climate and energy policies

301 23.11.2011 EIoP Tosun, Jale; Solorio, Israel

Exploring the Energy-Environment Relationship in the EU: Perspectives and Challenges for Theorizing and Empirical Analysis

302 4.11.2011 ARENA Morten Egeberg, Åse Gornitzka, Jarle Trondal and Mathias Johannessen

Parliament Staff. Background, career patterns and behaviour

303 4.11.2011 ARENA Morten Egeberg, Åse Gornitzka, Jarle Trondal and Mathias Johannessen

Parliament Staff. Background, career patterns and behaviour

304 11.2011 RECON Mattias Iser

Dimensions of a European Constiutional Patriotism

305 11.2011 EUIRSCAS Claudio Radaelli and Samuele Dossi

Four Funerals and a Party? The Political Repertoire of the Italian Radicals

306 11.2011 EUIRSCAS Giuseppe Campesi

The Arab Spring and the Crisis of the European Border Regime: Manufacturing Emergency in the Lampedusa Crisis

307 11.2011 EUIRSCAS Takis S. Pappas

Political Charisma Revisited, and Reclaimed for Political Science

308 11.2011 EUIRSCAS Wojciech Gagatek and Steven Van Hecke

Towards Policy-Seeking Europarties? The Development of European Political Foundations

309 19.10.2011 EIoP Niemann, Arne

Conceptualising Commom Commercial Policy Treaty revision: explaining stagnancy and dynamics from the Amsterdam IGC to the Treaty of Lisbon

310 15.10.2011 ARENA Irena Fiket, Espen D. H. Olsen, Hans-Jörg Trenz

Deliberation under conditions of language pluralism. Insight from the Europolis Deliberative Polling Experiment

311 15.10.2011 ARENA Irena Fiket, Espen D. H. Olsen, Hans-Jörg Trenz

Deliberation under conditions of language pluralism. Insight from the Europolis Deliberative Polling Experiment

312 10.10.2011 EIoP Biesenbender, Jan

The Dynamics of Treaty Change – Measuring the Distribution of Power in the European Union

313 10.2011 EUIRSCAS Joanna Gray

What is Systemic Risk and what can be done about it? A Legal Perspective

314 10.2011 RECON Dirk Peters, Wolfgang Wagner and Cosima Glahn

Parliamentary control of military missions: The case of the EU NAVFOR Atalanta

315 10.2011 EUIRSCAS Rainer Bauböck and Marc Helbling

Which Indicators are Most Useful for Comparing Citizenship Policies?

316 10.2011 RECON Guri Rosén

Can you keep a secret? How the European Parliament got access to sensitive documents in the area of security and defence

317 28.09.2011 LEQS Damian Chalmers & Mariana Chaves

The Reference Points of EU Judicial Politics

318 21.09.2011 KFG Jan-Henrik Meyer

Appropriating the Environment. How the European Institutions Received the Novel Idea of the Environment and Made it Their Own.

319 21.9.2011 EIoP Vyprachticka, Terezie

Could the Stability and Growth Pact be Substituted by the Financial Markets?

320 09.09.2011 KFG Tanja A. Börzel

When Europeanization Hits Limited Statehood. The Western Balkans as a Test Case for the Transformative Power of Europe

321 02.09.2011 LEQS Anke Hassel

The paradox of liberalization – Understanding dualism and the recovery of the German political economy

322 09.2011 EUIRSCAS Geoffrey Miller

Financial Private Regulation and Enforcement

323 1.9.2011 ARENA Daniel Gaus

The Dynamics of Legitimation. Why the study of political legitimacy needs more realism

324 1.9.2011 ARENA Daniel Gaus

The Dynamics of Legitimation. Why the study of political legitimacy needs more realism

325 29.08.2011 CEVIPOL Caroline Close

Erasmus, vecteur de citoyenneté européenne ?L?expérience d?étudiants belges francophones (2002-2005)

326 20.8.2011 KFG Matteo Garavoglia

EU Member States’ Humanitarian Assistance and Issue Salience in Public Discourse: Preliminary Findings for the 2000 to 2008 Period

327 12.8.2011 KFG Tanja A. Börzel

Comparative Regionalism - A New Research Agenda

328 02.08.2011 LEQS Bob Hancké

Endogenous Coordination: Multinational Companies and the Production of Collective Goods in Central and Eastern Europe

329 08.2011 RECON Selin Merzuka Türkeş

Human rights in European Union’s foreign policy: Universal in discourse, flexible in practice

330 28.7.2011 ARENA Martin Marcussen and Jarle Trondal

The OECD Civil Servant. Between Scylla and Charybdis

331 28.7.2011 ARENA Ian Cooper

A “Virtual Third Chamber” for the European Union? National parliaments after the Treaty of Lisbon

332 28.7.2011 ARENA Ian Cooper

A “Virtual Third Chamber” for the European Union? National parliaments after the Treaty of Lisbon

333 28.7.2011 ARENA Martin Marcussen and Jarle Trondal

The OECD Civil Servant. Between Scylla and Charybdis

334 22.07.2011 ScPo Cornelia Woll

Beyond Ideological Battles: A Strategic Analysis of Hedge Fund Regulation in Europe

335 21.07.2011 ScPo Silja Häusermann, Hanna Schwander

Who are the outsiders and what do they want? Welfare state preferences in dualized societies

336 15.07.2011 LEQS Riccardo Crescenzi, Fabrizio De Filippis and Fabio Pierangeli

In tandem for cohesion? Synergies and conflicts between regional and agricultural policies of the European Union

337 07.2011 RECON Meltem Müftüler-Baç

The European Union and Turkey: Democracy, Multiculturalism and European Identity

338 7.2011 EUIRSCAS Richard Stewart

Enforcement of Transnational Public Regulation

339 7.2011 EUIRSCAS Paul L. Joskow

Comparing the Costs of Intermittent and Dispatchable Electricity Generating Technologies

340 21.6.2011 EIoP Wagner, Wolfgang

Negative and Positive Integration in EU Criminal Law Co-operation

341 16.06.2011 LEQS Alexander Somek

The Social Question in a Transnational Context

342 11.6.2011 KFG Beken Saatcioglu

Unpacking the Compliance Puzzle - The Case of Turkey‘s AKP under EU Conditionality

343 6.2011 EUIRSCAS Daniel H. Cole

From Global to Polycentric Climate Governance

344 1.6.2011 ARENA Erik Oddvar Eriksen and John Erik Fossum

Representation through deliberation. The European case

345 06.2011 RECON Emmanuel Sigalas

When quantity matters: Activity levels and re-election prospects of Members of the European Parliament

346 06.2011 EIF Marcin Dabrowski

Partnership in implementation of the Structural Funds in Poland: 'shallow' adjustment or internalization of the European mode of cooperative governance?

347 06.2011 RECON Dirk Peters

A Divided Union? Public Opinion and the EU’s Common Foreign, Security and Defence Policy

348 06.2011 RECON Daniel Gaus

The state’s existence between facts and norms: A reflection on some problems to the analysis of the state

349 1.6.2011 ARENA Erik Oddvar Eriksen and John Erik Fossum

Representation through deliberation. The European case

350 06.2011 RECON Tess Altman and David G. Mayes

Democratic Boundaries in the US and Europe. Inequality, Localisation and Voluntarism in Social Welfare Provsion

351 30.05.2011 LEQS K. Kivanç Karaman & Sevket Pamuk

Different Paths to the Modern State in Europe: The interaction between domestic political economy and interstate competition

352 30.05.2011 LEQS Deborah Mabbett

A Rights Revolution in Europe? Regulatory and judicial approaches to nondiscrimination in insurance

353 25.05.2011 LEQS Fritz W. Scharpf

Monetary Union, Fiscal Crisis and the Preemption of Democracy

354 12.05.2011 LEQS Mogens Hobolth

European visa cooperation: interest politics and regional imagined communities

355 12.05.2011 LEQS Valentina Zigante

Assessing Welfare Effects of the European Choice Agenda: The case of health care in the United Kingdom

356 2.5.2011 KFG Martin Rempe

Decolonization by Europeanization? The Early EEC and the Transformation of French-African Relations

357 05.2011 RECON Daniel Gaus

The dynamics of legitimation - Why the study of political legitimacy needs more realism

358 5.2011 EUIRSCAS Lisa Ginsborg and Martin Scheinin

Judicial powers, due process and evidence in the Security Council 1267 Terrorist Sanctions Regime: the Kadi II conundrum

359 5.2011 EUIRSCAS Eric Brousseau, Yves Schemeil and Jérôme Sgard

Sovereignty without Borders: On Individual Rights, the Delegation to Rule, and Globalization

360 05.2011 RECON Erik Oddvar Eriksen and John Erik Fossum

Representation through Deliberation: The European Case

361 5.2011 EUIRSCAS Jan Wouters and Katrien Meuwissen

Global Tax Governance: Work in Progress?

362 20.4.2011 KFG Tanja A. Börzel, Yasemin Pamuk

Europeanization Subverted? The European Union’s Promotion of Good Governance and the Fight against Corruption in the Southern Caucasus

363 19.4.2011 EIoP Orbie, Jan; De Ville, Ferdi

The European Union's Trade Policy Response to the Crisis: Paradigm lost or reinforced?

364 4.4.2011 ARENA Espen D. H. Olsen

European Citizenship. With a nation-state, federal, or cosmopolitan twist?

365 04.04.2011 LEQS Vassilis Monastiriotis

Regional Growth Dynamics in Central and Eastern Europe

366 4.4.2011 ARENA Espen D. H. Olsen

European Citizenship. With a nation-state, federal, or cosmopolitan twist?

367 04.2011 RECON Nora Fisher Onar

'Europe', 'Womanhood' and 'Islam': Re-aligning Contested Concepts via the Headscarf Debate

368 04.2011 RECON Petra Guasti

The Europeanisation of Parliaments in Central and Eastern Europe

369 04.2011 RECON Rainer Forst

Transnational Justice and Democracy

370 15.03.2011 LEQS Alison Johnston

The Revenge of Baumol’s Cost Disease?: Monetary Union and the Rise of Public Sector Wage Inflation

371 9.3.2011 KFG Jolyon Howorth

Decision-Making in Security and Defence Policy - Towards Supranational Intergovernmentalism?

372 3.2011 EUIRSCAS Dionisia Tzavara and Adrienne Héritier

Quality and Environmental Regulation: Verifying Compliance along the Supply Chain

373 03.2011 EIF Gerda Falkner

Interlinking neofunctionalism and intergovernmentalism: Sidelining governments and manipulating policy preferences as passerelles

374 3.2011 EUIRSCAS Katja Swider

Pre-Accession Changes to Residence-based Naturalisation Requirements in Ten New EU Member States

375 1.3.2011 ARENA Agustín José Menéndez

United They Diverge? From conflicts of law to constitutional theory? On Christian Joerges’ theory

376 1.3.2011 ARENA Agustín José Menéndez

United They Diverge? From conflicts of law to constitutional theory? On Christian Joerges’ theory

377 03.2011 RECON John Erik Fossum

Nationalism, patriotism and diversity. Conceptualising the national dimension in Neil MacCormick’s post-sovereign constellation

378 03.2011 RECON Hauke Brunkhorst

Cosmopolitanism and Democratic Freedom

379 1.3.2011 ARENA John Erik Fossum

Nationalism, Patriotism and Diversity. Conseptualising the national dimension in Neil MacCormick's post-sovereign constellation

380 03.2011 EIF Marise Cremona

Justice and Home Affairs in a Globalised World: Ambitions and Reality in the tale of the EU-US SWIFT Agreement

381 1.3.2011 ARENA John Erik Fossum

Nationalism, Patriotism and Diversity. Conseptualising the national dimension in Neil MacCormick's post-sovereign constellation

382 03.2011 RECON Espen D. H. Olsen

European citizenship. With a nation-state, federal, or cosmopolitan twist?

383 01.03.2011 LEQS Simon Glendinning

'Europe, for example'

384 3.2011 EUIRSCAS Daniele Gallo

Social Security and Health Services in EU Law: Towards Convergence or Divergence in Competition State Aids and Free Movement?

385 21.2.2011 EIoP Dijkstra, Hylke

EU External Representation in Conflict Resolution: When does the Presidency or the High Representative Speak for Europe?

386 15.2.2011 ARENA Agustín José Menéndez

From Constitutional Pluralism to a Pluralistic Constitution? Constitutional synthesis as a MacCormickian constitutional theory of European integration

387 15.2.2011 ARENA Agustín José Menéndez

From Constitutional Pluralism to a Pluralistic Constitution? Constitutional synthesis as a MacCormickian constitutional theory of European integration

388 14.2.2011 KFG Tanja A. Börzel, Tobias Hofmann, Diana Panke

Policy Matters But How? Explaining Non-Compliance Dynamics in the EU

389 12.2.2011 LREG Sedelmeier, Ulrich

Europeanisation in new member and candidate states

390 01.02.2011 LEQS Heinrich August Winkler

Greatness and Limits of the West. The History of an Unfinished Project

391 02.2011 RECON Christopher Lord and Dionysia Tamvaki

The politics of justification? Applying the ‘discourse quality index’ to the study of the European Parliament

392 2.2011 EUIRSCAS Karen Gram-Skjoldager

Bringing the Diplomat Back In: Elements of a New Historical Research Agenda

393 2.2011 EUIRSCAS Dimitry Kochenov

Mevrouw de Jong Gaat Eten: EU Citizenship and the Culture of Prejudice

394 02.2011 RECON Agustín José Menéndez

United they diverge? From conflicts of law to constitutional theory? On Christian Joerges’ theory

395 12.1.2011 KFG David Budde, Mathias Großklaus

Patterns of Power. The EU‘s External Steering Techniques at Work - The Case of Democratization Policies in Morocco

396 5.1.2011 KFG Gözde Yilmaz

Is There a Puzzle? Compliance with Minority Rights in Turkey (1999-2010)

397 1.2011 EUIRSCAS Antonio Missiroli

The EU 'Foreign Service': Under Construction

398 1.2011 EUIRSCAS Yaw Nyarko and Kwabena Gyimah-Brempong

Social Safety Nets: The Role of Education, Remittances and Migration

399 01.2011 RECON Radostina Primova

Enchancing the democratic legitimacy of EU governance? The impact of online public consultations in energy policy-making

400 1.2011 EUIRSCAS Chiara Diana

Globalization Impact on Education in Egypt

401 01.2011 EIF Tanja A. Börzel

Move Closer! New Modes of Governance and Accession to the European Union

402 1.2011 EUIRSCAS Oreste Pollicino and Marco Bassini

Internet Law in the Era of Transnational Law

403 01.01.2011 LEQS Marco Dani

Assembling the fractured European consumer

404 1.2011 EUIRSCAS Peter Mair

Bini Smaghi vs. the Parties: Representative Government and Institutional Constraints

405 01.2011 RECON Agustín José Menéndez

From Constitutional Pluralism to a pluralistic constitution? Constitutional Synthesis as a MacCormickian Constitutional Theory of European Integration

406 2011 CEVIPOL Mathieu Vieira Does a European Party System Exist ?A Conceptual Framework for Analysis
407 01.2011 EIF Jolyon Howorth

Europe at a Historical Crossroads: Grand Strategy or Resignation?

408 1.2011 EUIRSCAS Laura Junka-Aikio

Mobile Phones and the Rise of Neo-Liberal Consumer Subjectivity in Palestine

409 1.2011 EUIRSCAS Fabrizio Cafaggi

New Foundations of Transnational Private Regulation

410 2011 CEVIPOL Julie Pernet Le Mouvement Européen ou les difficultés de l?action collective transnationale
411 1.2011 EUIRSCAS Wilhelm Lehmann

Electoral Representation at the European level and its Institutional Design: A reappraisal of recent reform plans

412 31.12.2010 ScPo Laurie Boussaguet, Renaud Dehousse, Sophie Jacquot

Change and Continuity in European Governance

413 31.12.2010 ScPo Antoine Mégie

L’adoption du mandat d’arrêt européen : d’une instrumentalisation de l’agenda politique et à une expertise opérationelle de l’entraide pénale

414 31.12.2010 ARENA Cathrine Holst

Martha Nussbaum's Outcome-oriented Theory of Justice. Philosophical comments

415 31.12.2010 ARENA Cathrine Holst

Martha Nussbaum's Outcome-oriented Theory of Justice. Philosophical comments

416 22.12.2010 ARENA Pieter de Wilde, Hans-Jörg Trenz and Asimina Michailidou

Contesting EU Legitimacy

417 22.12.2010 ARENA John Erik Fossum and Agustín José Menéndez

The Theory of Constitutional Synthesis

418 22.12.2010 ARENA John Erik Fossum and Agustín José Menéndez

The Theory of Constitutional Synthesis

419 22.12.2010 ARENA Pieter de Wilde, Hans-Jörg Trenz and Asimina Michailidou

Contesting EU Legitimacy

420 7.12.2010 LREG Mikhaylov, Slava; Marsh, Michael

European Parliament elections and EU governance

421 12.2010 EIF Dimiter Toshkov, Moritz Knoll, Lisa Wewerka

Connecting the Dots: Case Studies and EU Implementation Research

422 12.2010 RECON Stefan Collignon

Fiscal Policy Rules and the Sustainability of Public Debt in Europe

423 01.12.2010 EUILAW Fabrizio Cafaggi, Paola Iamiceli

Inter-firm Networks in the European Wine Industry

424 12.2010 EIF Radoslaw Zubek, Katarina Staronova

Ministerial Transposition of EU Directives: Can Oversight Improve Performance?

425 12.2010 EUIRSCAS Paola Cascinelli

Social Representations and Economic Integration in the Mediterranean Area

426 12.2010 RECON Maria Weimer

Policy Choice versus Science in Regulating Animal Cloning under the WTO Law

427 12.2010 RECON Waltraud Schelkle, Joan Costa-i-Font and Christa van Wijnbergen

Consumer choice, welfare reform and participation in Europe. A framework for analysis

428 12.2010 RECON John Erik Fossum and Agustín José Menéndez

The Theory of Constitutional Synthesis. A Constitutional Theory for a Democratic European Union

429 01.12.2010 LEQS Christian Joerges

Unity in Diversity as Europe’s Vocation and Conflicts Law as Europe’s Constitutional Form

430 12.2010 RECON Cathrine Holst

Martha Nussbaum’s Outcome-Oriented Theory of Justice: Philosophical Comments

431 30.11.2010 EIoP Kancs, d'Artis; Kielyte, Julda

European Integration and Labour Migration

432 24.11.2010 ARENA Morten Egeberg and Jarle Trondal

EU-level Agencies: New executive centre formation or vehicles for national control?

433 24.11.2010 ARENA Morten Egeberg and Jarle Trondal

EU-level Agencies: New executive centre formation or vehicles for national control?

434 23.11.2010 ARENA Jarle Trondal

Bureaucratic Structure and Administrative Behaviour. Lessons from international bureaucracies

435 23.11.2010 ARENA Jarle Trondal

Bureaucratic Structure and Administrative Behaviour. Lessons from international bureaucracies

436 15.11.2010 KFG Vivien Schmidt

Democracy and Legitimacy in the European Union Revisited - Input, Output and Throughput

437 12.11.2010 EIoP Ipek, Pinar; Williams, Paul A.

Firms’ strategic preferences, national institutions and the European Union’s Internal Energy Market: A challenge to European integration

438 10.11.2010 KFG Osvaldo Saldías

Networks, Courts and Regional Integration - Explaining the Establishment of the Andean Court of Justice

439 5.11.2010 KFG Jochen Roose

How European is European Identity? Extent and Structure of Continental Identification in Global Comparison Using SEM

440 3.11.2010 ScPo Joylon Howorth

The Political and Security Committee: A Case Study in Supranational Inter-Governmentalism

441 3.11.2010 ScPo Amandine Crespy

Legitimizing Resistanceto EU Integration: Social Europe as a Europeanized Normative Frame in the Conflictover the Bolkestein Directive

442 3.11.2010 ScPo Sara Casella Colombeau

Border guards as an “alien police”: usages of the Schengen Agreement in France

443 3.11.2010 ScPo Alban Davesne

The Laval Case and the Future of Labour Relations in Sweden

444 11.2010 EUIRSCAS Michael Kaeding and Alan Hardacre

The Execution of Delegated Powers after Lisbon. A timely analysis of the Regulatory Procedure with Scrutiny and its lessons for Delegated Acts

445 11.2010 EIF Lukas Schweiger

The Evolution of the Common Fisheries Policy: Governance of a Common-Pool Resource in the Context of European Integration

446 11.2010 RECON Raúl Letelier

Non-contractual liability for breaches of EU law. The tension between corrective and distributive justice

447 11.2010 RECON Rainer Nickel

Data Mining and ‘Renegade’ Aircrafts: The States as Agents of a Global Militant Security Governance Network — The German Example

448 01.11.2010 LEQS Ingrid Kylstad

Turkey and the EU: A ‘new’ European identity in the making?

449 11.2010 RECON Pieter de Wilde, Hans-Jörg Trenz and Asimina Michailidou

Contesting EU Legitimacy: The Prominence, Content and Justification of Euroscepticism During 2009 EP Election Campaigns

450 11.2010 RECON Sara Clavero and Yvonne Galligan

Gender equality in the European Union: lessons for democracy?

451 11.2010 EIF Zdenek Kudrna

Cross-border resolution of failed banks in the EU: A search for the second-best policies

452 22.10.2010 EIoP Niemann, Arne; de Wekker, Tessa

Normative power Europe? EU relations with Moldova

453 21.10.2010 KFG Eli Gateva

Post-Accession Conditionality - Support Instrument for Continuous Pressure?

454 18.10.2010 KFG Anja Jetschke

Do Regional Organizations Travel? - European Integration, Diffusion and the Case of ASEAN

455 14.10.2010 KFG Marianne van de Steeg

Emotions, Media Discourse and the Mobilization of Citizens - Conceptual Considerations and a Plausibility

456 8.10.2010 ARENA Espen D. H. Olsen and Hans-Jörg Trenz

Deliberative Polling. A cure to the democratic deficit of the EU?

457 8.10.2010 ARENA Morten Egeberg

EU-administrasjonen. Senterdannelse og flernivåforvaltning

458 8.10.2010 ARENA Morten Egeberg

EU-administrasjonen. Senterdannelse og flernivåforvaltning

459 8.10.2010 ARENA Espen D. H. Olsen and Hans-Jörg Trenz

Deliberative Polling. A cure to the democratic deficit of the EU?

460 5.10.2010 ARENA Morten Egeberg

EU - administrasjonen: Senterdannelse og flernivåforvaltning

461 01.10.2010 EUILAW Fabrizio Cafaggi, Olha Cherednychenko, Marise Cremona, Kati Cseres, Lukasz Gorywoda, Rozeta Karova, Hans-Wolfgang Micklitz, Karolina Podstawa

Europeanization of Private Law in Central and Eastern Europe Countries (CEECs): Preliminary Findings and Research Agenda

462 10.2010 EUIRSCAS Costanza Margiotta and Olivier Vonk

Nationality Law and European Citizenship: The Role of Dual Nationality

463 10.2010 EUIRSCAS Erin K. Jenne

Managing European Conflicts through Devolution: Lessons from the League of Nations

464 10.2010 EUIRSCAS Sally Khalifa Isaac Atwan

The Quest for Intercultural Dialogue in the Euro-Mediterranean Region: Opportunities and Challenges

465 10.2010 EUIRSCAS Daniele Gallo

From Autonomy to Full Deference in the Relationship between the EFTA Court and the ECJ: The Case of the International Exhaustion of the Rights Conferred by a Trademark

466 10.2010 RECON David G. Mayes and Zaidah Mustaffa

Social Models in the Enlarged EU

467 10.2010 EUIRSCAS Laurent Warlouzet

The Rise of European Competition Policy, 1950-1991: A Cross-Disciplinary Survey of a Contested Policy Sphere

468 10.2010 EUIRSCAS Rainer Bauböck

Dual citizenship for transborder minorities? How to respond to the Hungarian-Slovak tit-for-tat

469 10.2010 RECON Tess Altman and Cris Shore

Social Welfare and Democracy in Europe: What Role for the Private and Voluntary Sectors?

470 01.10.2010 LEQS Joan Costa-i-Font

Regional Single Currency Effects on Bilateral Trade with the European Union

471 10.2010 EUIRSCAS Dorothee Bohle

The Crisis of the Eurozone

472 10.2010 EUIRSCAS Sarah Shields

From Millet to Nation: The Limits of Consociational Resolutions for Middle East Conflict

473 14.9.2010 ARENA Erik Oddvar Eriksen and John Erik Fossum

Bringing European Democracy Back In. Or how to read the German Constitutional Court's Lisbon Treaty ruling

474 14.09.2010 LREG Lord, Christopher J.

The aggregating function of political parties in EU decision-making

475 06.09.2010 MPIfG Schäfer, Armin, Höpner, Martin

Constrain-Thy-Neighbor Effects as a Determinant of Transnational Interest Group Cohesion

476 09.2010 RECON Erik O. Eriksen and John Erik Fossum

Bringing European democracy back in – Or how to read the German Constitutional Court’s Lisbon Treaty ruling

477 09.2010 RECON Aleksandra Maatsch

Between an intergovernmental and a polycentric European Union: National parliamentary discourses on democracy in the EU ratification process

478 09.2010 EUIRSCAS Pascal Vennesson and Christian Büger

Coping with Insecurity in Fragile Situations

479 09.2010 EIF Gerda Falkner

Compliance with EU Social Policies in Old and New Member States: Different Worlds, Different Remedies

480 09.2010 EIF Vivien A. Schmidt

The European Union in search of political identity and legitimacy: Is more Politics the Answer?

481 09.2010 RECON Jean L. Cohen

Constitutionalism beyond the state: myth or necessity?

482 1.9.2010 ARENA Liesbet Hooghe

Images of Europe. How Commission officials view their institution's role in the EU

483 09.2010 EUIRSCAS Linda Senden

The OMC and its Patch in the European Regulatory and Constitutional Landscape

484 27.8.2010 ARENA Erik Oddvar Eriksen

European Transformation. A pragmatist approach

485 20.8.2010 KFG Marianne van de Steeg, Thomas Risse

The Emergence of a European Community of Communication - Insights from Empirical Research on the Europeanization of Public Spheres

486 16.08.2010 EIoP Petrov, Petar

Early Institutionalisation of the ESDP Governance Arrangements: Insights From Operations Concordia and Artemis

487 16.08.2010 EIoP Mérand, Frédéric; Hofmann, Stephanie; Irondelle, Bastien

Transgovernmental Networks in the European Security and Defense Policy

488 16.08.2010 EIoP Peters, Dirk; Wagner, Wolfgang; Deitelhoff, Nicole

Parliaments and European security policy. Mapping the Parliamentary Field

489 16.08.2010 EIoP Mattelaer, Alexander

The CSDP Mission Planning Process of the European Union: Innovations and Shortfalls

490 16.08.2010 EIoP Vanhoonacker, Sophie; Dijkstra, Hylke; Maurer Heidi

Understanding the Role of Bureaucracy in the European Security and Defence Policy: The State of the Art

491 16.08.2010 EIoP Bátora, Jozef

A Democratically Accountable External Action Service: Three Scenarios

492 16.08.2010 EIoP Justaert, Arnout; Keukeleire, Stephan

The EU’s Security Sector Reform Policies in the Democratic Republic of Congo

493 16.08.2010 EIoP Juncos, Ana E.; Pomorska, Karolina

Secretariat, Facilitator or Policy Entrepreneur? Role Perceptions of Officials of the Council Secretariat

494 16.08.2010 EIoP Stie, Anne Elizabeth

Decision-making Void of Democratic Qualities? An Evaluation of the EU’s Second Pillar Decision-making Procedure

495 16.08.2010 EIoP Norheim-Martinsen, Per Martin

Managing the Civil-Military Interface in the EU: Creating an Organisation Fit for Purpose

496 12.08.2010 EIoP Timus, Natalia

The Impact of European Democracy Promotion on Party Financing in the East European Neighborhood

497 08.2010 RECON Antje Wiener and Uwe Puetter Informal elite dialogue and democratic control in EU foreign and security policy
498 08.2010 RECON Erik Oddvar Eriksen European transformation: A pragmatist approach
499 08.2010 RECON Rainer Forst

Two stories about toleration

500 08.2010 RECON Emmanuel Sigalas, Monika Mokre, Johannes Pollak, Peter Slominski and Jozef Bátora

Democracy models and parties at the EU level: Empirical evidence from the adoption of the 2009 European election manifestoes

501 08.2010 RECON Zdenka Mansfeldová and Petra Rakušanová Guasti The quality of democracy in the Czech Republic
502 01.08.2010 EUILAW Hans-Wolfgang Micklitz

The Proposal on Consumer Rights and the Opportunity for a Reform of European Unfair Terms Legislation in Consumer Contracts

503 21.7.2010 ARENA Asimina Michailidou and Hans-Jörg Trenz

2009 European Parliamentary Elections on the Web. A mediatization perspective

504 07.2010 EUIRSCAS Jo Shaw

Citizenship: Contrasting Dynamics at the Interface of Integration and Constitutionalism

505 07.2010 EUIRSCAS Piotr Plewa

The Politics of Seasonal Foreign Worker Admissions to France, 1974-2010

506 01.07.2010 EUILAW Patrizia Vigni

Diplomatic and Consular Protection in EU Law: Misleading Combination or Creative Solution?

507 28.06.2010 EIoP Sprungk, Carina

Ever more or ever better scrutiny? Analysing the conditions of effective national parliamentary involvement in EU affairs

508 18.6.2010 LREG Sweet, Alec Stone

The European Court of Justice and the judicialization of EU governance

509 03.06.2010 LEQS Ozgur Erkan

Spain’s Referendum on the European Constitutional Treaty: A Quantitative Analysis Within the Conceptual Framework of First and Second Order Elections

510 02.06.2010 LEQS Jonathan White

Left, Right and Beyond: the Pragmatics of Political Mapping

511 1.6.2010 ScPo Sascha Zirra

The Bounded Creativity of Domestic Appropriation Explaining Selective Flexicurity in Continental Countries

512 01.06.2010 LEQS Vassilis Monastiriotis & Sotirios Zartaloudis

Beyond the crisis: EMU and labour market reform pressures in good and bad times

513 06.2010 RECON Asimina Michailidou and Hans-Jörg Trenz

2009 European Parliamentary Elections on the Web: A Mediatization Perspective

514 06.2010 RECON Nora Schleicher

Gender identity in a democratic Europe

515 06.2010 RECON Kolja Möller

European governmentality or decentralised network governance? The case of the European Employment Strategy

516 01.06.2010 EUILAW Hans-Wolfgang Micklitz

La mano visibile del diritto privato europeo in materia normativa – La trasformazione del diritto privato europeo dall’autonomia al funzionalismo nella concorrenza e nella regolamentazione

517 06.2010 EUIRSCAS Lelio Iapadre and Francesca Luchetti

Trade Regionalisation and Openness in Africa

518 06.2010 EUIRSCAS Thierry Verdier

Regional Integration, Fragility and Institution Building: An Analytical Framework Applied to the African Context

519 06.2010 RECON Kjartan Koch Mikalsen

In defence of Kants league of states

520 06.2010 RECON Justus Schönlau

The committee of the regions: the recon models from a subnational perspective

521 06.2010 EUIRSCAS Stéphanie Hennette-Vauchez

Biomedicine and EU Law: Unlikely Encounters?

522 06.2010 EUIRSCAS Costica Dumbrava

How illiberal are citizenship rules in European Union countries?

523 27.5.2010 KFG Swantje Renfordt

How International Law Standards Pervade Discourse on the Use of Armed Force - Insights into European and US Newspaper Debates between 1990 and 2005

524 25.5.2010 LREG Benz, Arthur; Zimmer, Christina

The EU's competences: The 'vertical' perspective on the multilevel system

525 20.5.2010 ARENA Åse Gornitzka and Ulf Sverdrup

Enlightened Decision Making. The Role of Scientists in EU Governance

526 15.05.2010 JeanMonnet Stephan Sberro

The EU in the Negotiation of the UN Disability Convention

527 05.2010 RECON Christian Joerges

The idea of a three-dimensional conflicts law as constitutional form

528 05.2010 RECON Meltem Muftuler-Bac, Nora Fisher Onar

Women's rights in Turkey as gauge of its European vocation: The impact of ‘EU-niversal values’

529 05.2010 EUIRSCAS edited by Christian Joppke and Rainer BAUBÖCK

How Liberal are Citizenship Tests?

530 05.2010 EUIRSCAS Niagalé Bagayoko-Penone

Multi-level Governance and Security: The Security Sector Reform Process in the Central African Republic

531 01.05.2010 LEQS Susanne Lütz & Matthias Kranke

The European Rescue of the Washington Consensus? EU and IMF Lending to Central and Eastern European Countries

532 01.05.2010 EUILAW Hans-Wolfgang Micklitz

Failure or Ideological Preconceptions – Thoughts on Two Grand Projects: The European Constitution and the European Civil Code

533 05.2010 EIF Michael Joos

Zum Verhältnis von Markt- und Gemeinwohlorientierung: Die Auswirkungen der EU-Liberalisierungsinitiativen auf die Sektoren Elektrizität und Eisenbahn in Österreich

534 05.2010 RECON Neil Walker

Constitutionalism and pluralism in a global context

535 05.2010 EUIRSCAS Jean Michel Glachant and Michelle Hallack

The Gas Transportation Network as a ‘Lego’ Game: How to Play with It?

536 05.2010 EUIRSCAS Fabian Breuer

Between intergovernmentalism and socialisation: the Brusselisation of ESDP

537 01.05.2010 EUILAW Harold James, Hans-Wolfgang Micklitz, Heike Schweitzer

The Impact of the Financial Crisis on the European Economic Constitution

538 05.2010 EUIRSCAS Jesse McConnell

Institution [Un]Building: Decentralising Government and the Case of Rwanda

539 05.2010 EUIRSCAS Nicole Ahner, Jean-Michel Glachant and Adrien de Hauteclocque

Legal Feasibility of Schengen-like Agreements in European Energy Policy: The Cases of Nuclear Cooperation and Gas Security of Supply

540 30.04.2010 EIoP Littoz-Monnet, Annabelle

Dynamic Multi-Level Governance – Bringing the Study of Multi-level Interactions into the Theorising of European Integration

541 27.04.2010 MPIfG Höpner, Martin

Warum betreibt der Europäische Gerichtshof Rechtsfortbildung? Die Politisierungshypothese

542 12.4.2010 KFG Juan Diez Medrano

A New Society in the Making - European Integration and European Social Groups

543 01.04.2010 LEQS Miriam Hartlapp, Julia Metz and Christian Rauh

The agenda set by the EU Commission: the result of balanced or biased aggregation of positions?

544 04.2010 EUIRSCAS Jean-Philippe Platteau

Political Instrumentalisation of Islam, Persistent Autocracies, and Obscurantist Deadlock

545 04.2010 EUIRSCAS Yaw Nyarko

EU Policies and African Human Capital Development

546 04.2010 EUIRSCAS Paul Collier and Anthony J. Venables

Natural Resources and State Fragility

547 04.2010 EUIRSCAS Béatrice Pouligny

State-Society Relations and Intangible Dimensions of State Resilience and State Building: A Bottom-Up Perspective

548 04.2010 EUIRSCAS Necla Tschirgi

The Security-Politics-Development Nexus: The Lessons of State-Building in Sub-Saharan Africa

549 04.2010 RECON Federica Bicchi and Caterina Carta

The COREU/CORTESY network and the circulation of information within EU foreign policy

550 04.2010 EUIRSCAS Abena D. Oduro

Adverse Shocks and Social Protection in Africa: What Role for Formal and Informal Financial Institutions?

551 04.2010 RECON Dominika Biegoń

European identity constructions in public debates on wars and military interventions

552 24.3.2010 ARENA Christer Gulbrandsen

Europeanization of Sea-Level Bureaucrats. A Case of Ship Inspectors’ Training

553 23.3.2010 ARENA Morten Egeberg and Jarle Trondal

Agencification and Location. Does Agency Site Matter?

554 03.2010 EUIRSCAS Nicolas Berman and Philippe Martin


555 03.2010 EUIRSCAS Janvier D. Nkurunziza


556 03.2010 EUIRSCAS Alina Rocha Menocal


557 01.03.2010 LEQS Joan Costa-i-Font

Unveiling Vertical State Downscaling: Identity and/or the Economy?

558 03.2010 EUIRSCAS Marc Helbling

Public debates on integration and immigration in six West European countries .

559 01.03.2010 EUILAW Ernst-Ulrich Petersmann

Constitutional Justice and the Perennial Task of Constitutionalizing Law and Society through Participatory Justice

560 03.2010 EUIRSCAS Michael Barnett


561 03.2010 EUIRSCAS Franklin Allen and Giorgia Giovannetti


562 03.2010 EUIRSCAS Kenneth Harttgen and Stephan Klasen


563 03.2010 EUIRSCAS Andrew Mold and Annalisa Prizzon


564 03.2010 EUIRSCAS edited by Rainer Bauböck and André Liebich

Is there (still) an East-West divide in the conception of citizenship in Europe?

565 03.2010 EIF Alexandra Lamprecht

Nichtregierungsorganisationen, die offene Methode der Koordinierung und die Suche nach dem deliberativen Moment: Lost in translation?

566 03.2010 EUIRSCAS Wim Naudé


567 01.03.2010 EUILAW Alessandra Arcuri; Sara Poli

What Price for the Community Enforcement of WTO Law?

568 03.2010 EUIRSCAS Dimitry Kochenov

Rounding up the Circle: The Mutation of Member States' Nationalities under Pressure from EU Citizenship

569 10.2.2010 KFG Tanja A. Börzel

The Transformative Power of Europe Reloaded - The Limits of External Europeanization

570 5.2.2010 ARENA Jarle Trondal

Two Worlds of Change. On the Internationalisation of Universities

571 5.2.2010 ARENA Pieter de Wilde

Contesting the EU Budget and Euroscepticism: A Spiral of Dissent?

572 04.02.2010 JeanMonnet Stephan Sberro

Could - and should - English win the language war in regional integration? NAFTA and EU experience

573 02.2010 EUIRSCAS Fabrizio Cafaggi

Private Regulation, Supply Chain and Contractual Networks: The Case of Food Safety

574 02.2010 EUIRSCAS Colin Scott

Regulatory Governance and the Challenge of Constitutionalism

575 02.2010 EIF Heinrich Schneider

Die Gretchenfrage an die Mitgliedstaaten: „Sag, wie hast Du’s mit der Integration?“

576 01.02.2010 LEQS Gerard Delanty

The European Heritage from a Critical Cosmopolitan Perspective

577 02.2010 EIF Dimiter Toshkov

Taking stock: a review of quantitative studies of transposition and implementation of EU law

578 27.01.2010 JeanMonnet Antonio Segura-Serrano

The Transformation of International Law

579 18.1.2010 KFG Artur Lipinski

Europe as a Symbolic Resource - On the Discursive Space of Political Struggles in Poland

580 05.01.2010 JeanMonnet Dr. Joanna Krzeminska-Vamvaka

Horizontal effect of fundamental rights and freedoms – much ado about nothing? German, Polish and EU theories compared after Viking Line

581 04.01.2010 JeanMonnet Laurent Pech

The Law of Holocaust Denial in Europe: Towards a (qualified) EU-wide Criminal Prohibition

582 02.01.2010 LEQS William Outhwaite

Europe at 21: Transitions and Transformations since 1989

583 01.2010 EUIRSCAS Sander Simonetti

Access to Justice for the Private Sector in Joint Implementation Projects under the Kyoto Protocol: A Brief Study of Possible Disputes and Remedies Available to Private Participants in International Carbon Emission Reduction Projects

584 01.01.2010 LEQS Kostas A. Lavdas

Normative Evolution in Europe: Small States and Republican Peace

585 01.2010 EUIRSCAS Kevin Deegan-Krause, Zsolt Enyedi

Agency and the Structure of Party Competition: Alignment, Stability and the Role of Political Elites

586 31.12.2009 ARENA Christopher Lord

Polecats, Foxes and Lions - Social Choice, Moral Philosophy and the Justification of the European Union as a Restrained yet Capable form of Political Power

587 28.12.2009 EIoP Haar, Beryl P. ter

The growing potential integration capacity of the acquis of the European Social Model

588 28.12.2009 EIoP Yolles, Maurice I.

Understanding the Dynamics of European Politics

589 22.12.2009 EIoP Haverland, Markus

How leader states influence EU policy-making: Analysing the expert strategy

590 18.12.2009 EIoP Dimitrova, Antoaneta; Toshkov, Dimiter

Post-accession compliance between administrative co-ordination and political bargaining

591 18.12.2009 EIoP Sedelmeier, Ulrich

Post-accession compliance with EU gender equality legislation in post-communist new member states

592 18.12.2009 EIoP Trauner, Florian

Post-accession compliance with EU law in Bulgaria and Romania: a comparative perspective

593 18.12.2009 EIoP Schwellnus, Guido; Balázs, Lilla; Mikalayeva, Liudmila

It ain't over when it's over: The adoption and sustainability of minority protection rules in new EU member states

594 18.12.2009 EIoP Maniokas, Klaudijus

Conditionality and compliance in Lithuania: the case of the best performer

595 18.12.2009 EIoP Knill, Christoph; Tosun, Jale

Post-accession transposition of EU law in the new member states: a cross-country comparison

596 18.12.2009 EIoP Krizsan, Andrea

From formal adoption to enforcement. Post-accession shifts in EU impact on Hungary in the equality policy field

597 17.12.2009 LREG Schimmelfennig, Frank

Europeanization beyond Europe

598 10.12.2009 JeanMonnet Kristin Henrard

The First Substantive ECJ Judgment on the Racial Equality Directive: A Strong Message in a Conceptually Flawed and Responsively Weak Bottle

599 02.12.2009 LEQS Waltraud Schelkle

Good Governance in Crisis or a Good Crisis for Governance? A Comparison of the EU and the US

600 12.2009 EUIRSCAS Carlo Cambini, Laura Rondi

Access Regulation, Financial Structure and Investment in Vertically Integrated Utilities: Evidence from EU Telecoms

601 12.2009 RECON Meltem Muftuler-Bac and Yaprak Gursoy

Is there an Europeanisation of Turkish foreign policy? An addendum to the literature on EU candidates

602 12.2009 RECON Rachel Herp Tausendfreund

The Commission and its principals: Delegation theory on a common European external trade policy in the WTO

603 01.12.2009 EUILAW Vesselin Paskalev

Lisbon Treaty and the Possibility of a European Network Demoi-cracy

604 01.12.2009 EUILAW Hans-Wolfgang Micklitz

Judicial Activism of the European Court of Justice and the Development of the European. Social Mode in Anti-Discrimination and Consumer Law

605 01.12.2009 LEQS Michael Keating

Second Round Reform. Devolution and constitutional reform in the United Kingdom, Spain and Italy

606 12.2009 RECON Uwe Puetter and Antje Wiener

EU foreign policy elites and fundamental norms: Implications for governance

607 12.2009 EUIRSCAS Nadav Halevi, Ephraim Kleiman

Trade Across the Mediterranean: An exploratory investigation

608 12.2009 EUIRSCAS Alexander H. Trechsel, Peter Mair

When parties (also) position themselves: an introduction to the EU Profiler

609 12.2009 RECON Marianne Riddervold

Making a common foreign policy: EU coordination in the ILO

610 01.12.2009 EUILAW Susanne GSCHWANDTNER; Vasiliki KOSTA; Hanna Schebesta; Paul Verbruggen

The Impact of the Internal Market on Private Law of Member Countries

611 12.2009 RECON Maria Weimer

Applying precaution in Community authorisation of genetically modified products: Challenges and suggestions for reform

612 12.2009 RECON Emmanuel Sigalas, Monika Mokre, Johannes Pollak, Jozef Bátora and Peter Slominski

Reconstituting Political Representation in the EU: The analytical framework and the operationalisation of the RECON models

613 01.12.2009 EUILAW Marise Cremona

Enhanced Cooperation and the Common Foreign and Security and Defence Policies of the EU

614 12.2009 EUIRSCAS Luca Paladini

The European Union’s Peace Mission in the United Nations Collective Security System

615 12.2009 EUIRSCAS Gabor Toka, Marina Popescu

Public Television, Private Television and Citizens' Political Knowledge

616 18.11.2009 EIoP Kröger, Sandra

The Open Method of Coordination: Underconceptualisation, overdetermination, de-politicisation and beyond

617 18.11.2009 EIoP Weishaupt, J. Timo

Money, votes or 'good' ideas? Partisan politics and the effectiveness of the European Employment Strategy in Austria and Ireland

618 18.11.2009 EIoP Dawson, Mark

EU law 'transformed'? Evaluating accountability and subsidiarity in the 'streamlined' OMC for Social Inclusion and Social Protection

619 18.11.2009 EIoP Hartlapp, Miriam

Learning about policy learning. Reflections on the European Employment Strategy

620 18.11.2009 EIoP Flear, Mark

The Open Method of Coordination on health care after the Lisbon Strategy II: Towards a neoliberal framing?

621 18.11.2009 EIoP Horvath, Anna

What kind of consensus? Conflicting notions of effectiveness within the Social Protection Committee

622 18.11.2009 EIoP Vanhercke, Bart

Against the odds. The Open Method of Coordination as a selective amplifier for reforming Belgian pension policies

623 18.11.2009 EIoP Pfister, Thomas

Governing the knowledge society: Studying Lisbon as epistemic setting

624 18.11.2009 EIoP Büchs, Milena

The Open Method of Coordination - Effectively preventing welfare state retrenchment?

625 18.11.2009 EIoP Niechoj, Torsten

Does supranational coordination erode its national basis? The case of European labour market policy and German industrial relations

626 18.11.2009 EIoP Schäfer, Armin; Leiber, Simone

The double voluntarism in EU social dialogue and employment policy

627 18.11.2009 EIoP López-Santana, Mariely

Having a Say and Acting: Assessing the effectiveness of the European Employment Strategy as an intra-governmental coordinative instrument

628 18.11.2009 EIoP Radulova, Elissaveta

The construction of EU's childcare policy through the Open Method of Coordination

629 02.11.2009 LEQS Richard Hyman

Trade Unions and ‘Europe’: Are the Members out of Step?

630 01.11.2009 EUILAW Marise Cremona

Member States as Trustees of the Community Interest: Participating in International Agreements on Behalf of the European Community

631 11.2009 EIF Patrick Müller and Nicole Alecu de Flers

Applying the Concept of Europeanization to the Study of Foreign Policy: Dimensions and Mechanisms

632 11.2009 EUIRSCAS Evangelos Liaras

Turkey's Party System and the Paucity of Minority Policy Reform

633 11.2009 RECON Arndt Wonka and Berthold Rittberger How independent are EU Agencies?
634 11.2009 RECON Tanja Hitzel-Cassagnes and Rainer Schmalz -Bruns

Recognition and political theory: Paradoxes and conceptual challenges of the politics of recognition

635 01.11.2009 LEQS Marco Dani

Economic and social conflicts, integration and constitutionalism in contemporary Europe

636 11.2009 RECON Dionysia Tamvaki Using Eurobarometer data on voter participation in the 2004 European elections to test the RECON models
637 08.10.2009 JeanMonnet Ioannis Lianos

“’Lost in Translation’? Towards a Theory of Economic Transplants”

638 02.10.2009 LEQS Andrés Rodríguez-Pose and Anne Krøijer

Fiscal Decentralization and Economic Growth in Central and Eastern Europe

639 10.2009 EUIRSCAS Pascale Fournier

Comparative Law at the Intersection of Religion and Gender

640 01.10.2009 LEQS Paul C. Cheshire and Stefano Magrini

Urban Growth Drivers and Spatial Inequalities: Europe - a Case with Geographically Sticky People

641 01.10.2009 EUILAW Armen MAZMANYAN

The Promise of European Integration. Improving the Quality of Democracy in the European Neighborhood

642 01.10.2009 EWP Helene Pristed Nielsen

Gender, Diversity and the European Public Sphere

643 10.2009 EUIRSCAS Michele Nori, Mohamed El Mourid, Ali Nefzaoui, Pamela Giorgi

Herding in a Shifting Mediterranean Changing agro-pastoral livelihoods in the Mashreq & Maghreb region

644 24.9.2009 KFG Nicole Doerr

How European Protest Transforms Institutions of the Public Sphere - Discourse and Decision-Making in the European Social Forum Process

645 24.9.2009 KFG Vera van Hüllen

EU Democracy Promotion in the Mediterranean - Cooperation against All Odds?

646 21.9.2009 ARENA Hans-Jörg Trenz and Pieter de Wilde

Denouncing European Integration. Euroscepticism as reactive identity formation

647 18.9.2009 KFG Tanja A. Börzel, Thomas Risse

Diffusing (Inter-) Regionalism - The EU as a Model of Regional Integration

648 14.9.2009 KFG Eva G. Heidbreder

Structuring the European Administrative Space - Channels of EU Penetration and Mechanisms ofNational Change

649 7.9.2009 ARENA Erik O. Eriksen

Explicating Social Action: Arguing or Bargaining?

650 4.9.2009 KFG Silke Adam

Bringing the Mass Media in - The Contribution of the Mass Media for Understanding Citizens’ Attitudes towards the European Union

651 2.9.2009 ARENA Pieter de Wilde

Designing Politicization. How control mechanisms in national parliaments affect parliamentary debates in EU policy-formulation

652 02.09.2009 LEQS Ronan McCrea

The Recognition of Religion within the Constitutional and Political Order of the European Union

653 01.09.2009 LEQS Giuseppe Bertola and Lorenza Mola

Services Provision and Temporary Mobility: Freedoms and Regulation in the EU

654 01.9.2009 ConWEB Chris Shore

“European Governance“, or “Governmentality“? Reflections on the EU‘s System of Government

655 9.2009 EUIRSCAS Skander Nasra, Dries Lesage, Jan Orbie, Thijs Van de Graaf, Mattias Vermeiren

The EU in the G8 System: Assessing EU Member States' Involvement

656 09.2009 RECON Hans-Jörg Trenz and Pieter de Wilde

Denouncing European integration: Euroscepticism as reactive identity formation

657 01.09.2009 EWP Karin Creutz-Kämppi

Source of Enlightenment or Safeguard of Christianity

658 27.8.2009 KFG Andrea Gawrich, Inna Melnykovska and Rainer Schweickert

Neighbourhood Europeanization trough ENP - The Case of Ukraine

659 27.08.2009 JeanMonnet António Frada de Sousa

Company’s Cross-border Transfer of Seat in the EU after Cartesio

660 18.8.2009 EIoP van de Steeg, Marianne

Public Accountability in the European Union: Is the European Parliament able to hold the European Council accountable?

661 18.8.2009 EIoP Dragos, Dacian C.; Neamtu, Bogdana

Reusing Public Sector Information - Policy Choices and Experiences in some of the Member States with an emphasis on the Case of Romania

662 14.08.2009 JeanMonnet Marco Dani

Remedying European legal pluralismThe FIAMM and Fedon litigation and the judicial protection of international trade bystanders

663 06.08.2009 JeanMonnet Kostas A. Lavdas, Dimitris N. Chryssochoou

Republican Europe in a Liberal Milieu

664 01.08.2009 EUILAW Hans-Wolfgang Micklitz

Universal Services: Nucleus for a Social European Private Law

665 01.08.2009 EUILAW Martin Scheinin

Law and Security: facing the dilemmas

666 08.2009 RECON Erik Oddvar Eriksen

Explicating social action: arguing or bargaining

667 08.2009 EIF Zdenek Kudrna

The EU Financial Market Policy: Evolution, Innovation and Research Outlook

668 08.2009 RECON Pieter de Wilde

Designing Politicization: How control mechanisms in national parliaments affect parliamentary debates in EU policy-formulation

669 29.7.2009 KFG Arolda Elbasani

EU Administrative Conditionality and Domestic Downloading - The Limits of Europeanization in Challenging Contexts

670 27.07.2009 JeanMonnet Sergio Dellavalle

Constitutionalism Beyond the Constitution: The Treaty of Lisbon in the Light of Post-National Public Law

671 27.07.2009 JeanMonnet Laurent Pech

The Rule of Law as a Constitutional Principle of the European Union

672 7.7.2009 ARENA Agustín José Menéndez

European Citizenship after Martínez Sala and Baumbast. Has European law become more human but less social?

673 7.7.2009 EIoP Casula Vifell, Åsa

Speaking with forked tongues - Swedish public administration and the European employment strategy

674 7.2009 EUIRSCAS Katrin Steffen, Martin Kohlrausch

The Limits and Merits of Internationalism. Experts, the State and the International Community in Poland in the First Half of the Twentieth Century

675 07.2009 EIF Gerda Falkner

European Integration and the Welfare State(s) in Europe

676 01.07.2009 EWP Lise Rolandsen Agustin

‘It is all about the women’Intertwining discourses on gender equality,ethno national diversity andidentity constructions among Danish politicians

677 01.07.2009 EUILAW Norbert Reich

Rights without Duties? Reflections on the State of Liability Law in the Multilevel Governance System of the Community: Is There a Need for a More Coherent Approach in European Private Law?

678 01.07.2009 EWP Martina Klicperova-Baker & Jaroslav Koštál

European Identities in a New Member State: The Case of the Czech Republic and theParadox of a Euroskeptical Presidency

679 01.07.2009 EUILAW Joana Mendes

Good Administration in EU Law and the European Code of Good Administrative Behaviour

680 7.2009 EUIRSCAS Frans Van Nispen, Johan Posseth

Performance Informed Budgeting in Europe: The Ends Justify the Means, Don't They?

681 7.2009 EUIRSCAS Fabrizio Cafaggi

Private regulation in European private law

682 30.6.2009 ARENA Morten Egeberg and Jarle Trondal

Political leadership and bureaucratic autonomy. Effects of agencification

683 30.6.2009 ARENA Morten Egeberg, Maria Martens and Jarle Trondal

Building executive power at the European level. On the role of EU-level agencies

684 16.6.2009 ARENA Hans-Jörg Trenz

In search of popular subjectness

685 04.06.2009 LEQS Neil Walker

Multilevel Constitutionalism: Looking Beyond the German Debate

686 03.06.2009 LEQS Jeffrey Frankel

The Estimated Trade Effects of the Euro: Why Are They Below Those From Historical Monetary Unions Among Smaller Countries?

687 3.6.2009 ScPo Alfio Cerami

Social Mechanisms in the Establishment of the European Economic and Monetary Union

688 02.06.2009 LEQS Josep M. Colomer

On Building the American and the European Empires

689 01.6.2009 ConWEB Emmanuel Sigalas

Does ERASMUS Student Mobility promote a EuropeanIdentity?

690 06.2009 RECON Hans-Jörg Trenz, Nadine Bernhard and Erik Jentges

Civil society and EU constitution-making: Towards a European social constituency?

691 06.2009 RECON Kjartan Koch Mikalsen

Regional federalisation with a cosmopolitan intent

692 6.2009 EUIRSCAS Milena Stoyanova


693 06.2009 RECON Agustín José Menéndez

European citizenship after Martinez Sala and Baumbast: Has European law become more human but less social?

694 1.6.2009 ScPo Emmanuelle Causse, Gerda Falkner

Les « mondes de conformité » : typologie des Etats membres dans leur rapport au droit communautaire

695 01.06.2009 LEQS Tito Boeri

Immigration to the Land of Redistribution

696 6.2009 EUIRSCAS Maleiha Malik

Muslim Legal Norms and the Integration of European Muslims

697 19.5.2009 LREG Kaina, Viktoria; Karolewski, Ireneusz Pawel

EU governance and European identity

698 18.5.2009 KFG Tanja A. Börzel, Thomas Risse

The Transformative Power of Europe: The European Union and the Diffusion of Ideas

699 18.5.2009 ARENA Hans-Jörg Trenz

Digital media and the return of the representative public sphere

700 18.5.2009 KFG Fritz W. Scharpf

The Asymmetry of European Integration - or why the EU cannot be a “Social Market Economy”

701 18.5.2009 ARENA Maria Martens

Executive power in the making: the establishment of the European Chemical Agency (ECHA)

702 04.05.2009 LEQS Erik Jones

They Have No Idea... Decision-making and Policy Change in the Global Financial Crisis

703 03.05.2009 LEQS Bruno S. Frey

A New Concept of European Federalism

704 02.05.2009 LEQS Damian Chalmers

Gauging the Cumbersomeness of EU Law

705 01.05.2009 LEQS Richard Bellamy

The Liberty of the Post-Moderns? Market and Civic Freedom within the EU

706 5.2009 EUIRSCAS Mark Dawson

Soft Law and the Rule of Law in the European Union: Revision or Redundancy?

707 05.2009 RECON Giandomenico Majone

The “referendum threat”, the rationally ignorant voter, and the political culture of the EU

708 05.2009 RECON Johannes Pollak, Jozef Bátora, Monika Mokre, Emmanuel Sigalas and Peter Slominski

On Political Representation: Myths and Challenges

709 5.2009 EUIRSCAS Laurent Godmer, Guillaume Marrel

La construction de l'expertise institutionnelle au Parlement européen : capital juridique et ressources politiques des députés de la Commission des affaires constitutionnelles

710 20.04.2009 MPIfG Fetzer, Thomas

Beyond Convergence versus Path Dependence: The Internationalization of Industrial Relations at Ford Germany and Britain (1967–1985)

711 20.04.2009 MPIfG Callaghan, Helen

Constrain-Thy-Neighbor Effects as a Determinant of Transnational Interest Group Cohesion

712 06.04.2009 JeanMonnet Daniel Halberstam, Eric Stein

The United Nations, the European Union, and the King of Sweden: Economic Sanctions and Individual Rights in a Plural World Order

713 04.2009 EIF Sandra Kröger

Ideas, interests or institutions? The drivers of recent reform of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)

714 01.04.2009 EUILAW Luc B Tremblay

Le fondement normatif du principe de proportionnalité en théorie constitutionnelle

715 01.04.2009 EWP Hakan G. Sicakkan

Measuring Attitudes to Immigrants with DiversityMethodology

716 1.4.2009 ARENA Dorte Sindbjerg Martinsen

Inter-institutional dynamics in the cross-border provision of healthcare services

717 04.2009 RECON Hans-Jörg Trenz

In search of popular subjectness: Identity formation, constitution-making and the democratic consolidation of the EU

718 4.2009 EUIRSCAS Magdalena E. de Leeuw

An empirical study into the norms of good administration as operated by the European Ombudsman in the field of tenders

719 01.04.2009 EUILAW EUI Social and Labour Law Working Group

The Fundamentalisation of Social Rights

720 01.04.2009 EUILAW Nikolett Hos

The Principle of Proportionality in the Viking and Laval Cases: An appropriate standard of judicial review?

721 01.04.2009 EWP Atle Alvheim

The Eurosphere Knowledgebase

722 3.2009 EUIRSCAS Andris Piebalgs

How the European Union is preparing the 'Third Industrial Revolution' with an innovative energy policy

723 01.03.2009 EUILAW Pablo Ibanez Colomo

Ofcom’s Proposal to Regulate Access to Premium Television Content: Some Thoughts

724 3.2009 EUIRSCAS Eugénia da Conceição-Heldt

Delegation of Power and Agency Losses in EU Trade Politics

725 03.2009 EIF Florian Trauner

Post-accession compliance with EU law in Bulgaria and Romania: a comparative perspective

726 3.2009 EUIRSCAS Rozeta Karova

Energy Community for South East Europe: Rationale behind and Implementation to date

727 01.03.2009 EWP Anne Carine Bonnevie LUND

ICT as a mediation tool for intercultural practise

728 01.03.2009 EWP Birte Siim

Gender and Diversity in the European Public Spheres

729 01.03.2009 EWP Marybel Perez

Ideal Types and Diversity Analysis: The Methods to Define and Compare Policy Research Institutions’ Roles in Public Debates

730 01.3.2009 ConWEB Aoibhín de Búrca

Suicide Missions: the ‘political opportunity structure’ and constraints of constituency

731 27.02.2009 MPIfG Scharpf, Fritz W.

Legitimacy in the Multilevel European Polity

732 25.2.2009 EIoP Renner, Stephan

The Energy Community of Southeast Europe: A neo-functionalist project of regional integration

733 6.2.2009 ARENA Pieter de Wilde

Reasserting the nation state

734 6.2.2009 ARENA Tapio Raunio

National parliaments and European integration

735 2.2009 EUIRSCAS David Newbery

Predicting Market Power in Wholesale Electricity Markets

736 2.2009 EUIRSCAS Denny Ellerman

The EU's Emissions Trading Scheme: A Proto-Type Global System?

737 2.2009 EUIRSCAS Jean-Michel Glachant

Regulating Networks in the New Economy

738 2.2009 EUIRSCAS Nils-Henrik M. Von Der Fehr, Petter Vegard Hansen

Electricity Retailing in Norway

739 2.2009 EUIRSCAS Florian Möslein

Legal Innovation in European Contract Law: Within and Beyond the (Draft) Common Frame of Reference

740 2.2009 EUIRSCAS Jean-Michel Glachant, Adrien de Hauteclocque

Long-term Energy Supply Contracts in European Competition Policy: Fuzzy not Crazy

741 27.1.2009 LREG Ladrech, Robert

Europeanization and political parties

742 21.1.2009 ARENA Johan P. Olsen

Democratic government, institutional autonomy and the dynamics of change

743 13.01.2009 JeanMonnet Grainne de Burca

The European Court of Justice and the International Legal Order after Kadi

744 10.1.2009 MPIfG Höpner, Martin

Usurpation statt Delegation: Wie der EuGH die Binnenmarktintegration radikalisiert und warum er politischer Kontrolle bedarf

745 01.01.2009 EUILAW Andrés Delgado Casteleiro; Martina Spernbauer

Security Aspects in EU External Policies

746 01.01.2009 EWP Camilla Tønnevold

The Methodology of Surfing the Virtual Public Sphere: The Case of the Paris Riots of 2005

747 01.2009 RECON Pieter de Wilde

Reasserting the Nation State: The Trajectory of Euroscepticism in the Netherlands 1992-2005

748 01.01.2009 EWP András Bozóki

Problems of Legitimacy, Public Sphere, and Political Integration: Theorizing East Central European Communism

749 2009 CEVIPOL Antoine Bazantay Europe efficace, Europe légitime ?Etude des stratégies et pratiques communicationelles de l'Union Européenne
750 2009 CEVIPOL Nathalie Brack and Yann Sven Rittelmeyer and Cristina Stanculescu

Les élections européennes de 2009 :entre national et européen: Une analyse des campagnes électorales dans 22 Etats membres

751 2009 CEVIPOL Pierre WEISS Sport communautaire et immigration turque en France et en Allemagne
752 30.12.2008 EIoP Fischer, Robert

European governance still technocratic? New modes of governance for food safety regulation in the European Union

753 23.12.2008 JeanMonnet Alberto Alemanno

The Shaping of European Risk Regulation by Community Courts

754 23.12.2008 JeanMonnet Lucia Scaffardi

Legal Protection and Ethical Management of Genetic Databases: Challenges of the European Process of Harmonization

755 22.12.2008 JeanMonnet Oreste Pollicino

New Emerging Judicial Dynamics of the Relationship Between National and the European Courts after the Enlargement of Europe

756 22.12.2008 JeanMonnet Fabio Pantano, Riccardo Salomone

Trade and Labour within the European Union Generalized System of Preferences

757 22.12.2008 JeanMonnet Giulio Itzcovich

Fundamental Rights, Legal Disorder and Legitimacy: The Federfarma Case

758 22.12.2008 JeanMonnet Davide Strazzari

The New Functionalist Approach of the ECJ Towards the European Freedom of Movement and Residency: Some Lessons from a Constitutional Comparative Survey

759 22.12.2008 JeanMonnet Giuseppe Martinico

A Matter of Coherence in the Multilevel Legal System: Are the “Lions” Still “Under the Throne”?

760 22.12.2008 JeanMonnet Orsetta Giolo, Michele Pifferi

Integration or Exclusion: Migrants in the European Union and United States An Historical-Philosophical Approach

761 21.12.2008 JeanMonnet Isabel Feichtner

The Waiver Power of the WTO: Opening the WTO for Political Deliberation on the Reconciliation of Public Interests

762 19.12.2008 ARENA Anne Elizabeth Stie

Decision-Making Void of Democratic Qualities? An Evaluation of the EU’s Foreign and Security Policy

763 17.12.2008 EIoP Elgström, Ole

Images of the EU in EPA negotiations: Angel, demon - or just human?

764 08.12.2008 JeanMonnet Marco Dani

Tracking Judicial Dialogue-The Scope for Preliminary Rulings from the Italian Constitutional Court

765 12.2008 RECON Anne Elizabeth Stie

Decision-making void of democratic qualities?An evaluation of the EU’s foreign and security policy

766 01.12.2008 EUILAW Dragana Damjanovic; Bruno de Witte

Welfare Integration through EU Law: The Overall Picture in the Light of the Lisbon Treaty

767 01.12.2008 EWP Bjarte Folkestad

Analysing Interview Data Possibilities and challenges

768 01.12.2008 EWP Artan Fuga

Multiculturalism in France: Evolutions and Challenges

769 12.2008 EIF Gerda Falkner (ed.)

EU Policies in the Lisbon Treaty: A Comparative Analysis

770 12.2008 EUIRSCAS Stéphanie Hennette-Vauchez

Divided in Diversity: National Legal Scholarship(s) and the European Convention of Human Rights

771 01.12.2008 ConWEB Hans Agné

We the People and the Others: The Co-founding of Democratic States

772 12.2008 RECON Cathleen Kantner, Amelie Kutter and Swantje Rentford

The Perception of the EU as an Emerging Security Actor in Media Debates on Humanitarian and Military Interventions (1990-2006)

773 26.11.2008 ARENA Morten Egeberg and Andreas Heskestad

The Denationalisation of the Cabinets in the European Commission. A Research Note

774 25.11.2008 JeanMonnet Stavros Tsakyrakis

Proportionality: An Assault on Human Rights?

775 17.11.2008 JeanMonnet Emilie M. Hafner-Burton, Mark A. Pollack

Mainstreaming Gender in the European Union: Getting the Incentives Right

776 14.11.2008 EIoP Urrutia, Iñigo; Lasagabaster, Iñaki

Language Rights and Community Law

777 5.11.2008 ARENA Cathrine Holst

Gender justice in the European Union. The normative subtext of methodological choices.

778 5.11.2008 ARENA Agustín José Menéndez

Reconstituting democratic taxation in Europe. The Conceptual Framework

779 03.11.2008 ConWEB Sergio Fabbrini

The Constitutionalisation of a Compound Democracy: Comparing the European Union with the American Experience

780 01.11.2008 EUILAW Wojciech Sadurski

Partnering with Strasbourg: Constitutionalization of the European Court of Human Rights, the Accession of Central and East European States to the Council of Europe, and the Idea of Pilot Judgments

781 01.11.2008 EUILAW Fabrizio Cafaggi; Hans-W Micklitz

Administrative and Judicial Enforcement in Consumer Protection: The Way Forward

782 23.10.2008 JeanMonnet Stephen Gardbaum

The Myth and the Reality of American Constitutional Exceptionalism

783 21.10.2008 ARENA Erik. O. Eriksen

Democracy Lost: The EEA Agreement and Norway’s Democratic Deficit

784 21.10.2008 MPIfG Herrmann, Andrea M.

Choosing and Successfully Sustaining Competitive Strategies in the European Pharmaceutical Industry

785 21.10.2008 LREG Treib, Oliver

Implementing and complying with EU governance outputs

786 20.10.2008 ARENA Johan P. Olsen

Institutional autonomy and democratic government

787 20.10.2008 JeanMonnet Jürgen Kurtz

Adjudging the Exceptional at International Law: Security, Public Order and Financial Crisis

788 01.10.2008 EUILAW Mathias Moschel

Race Judicata. Rien ne va plus for Race and Ethnicity in France and Europe?

789 10.2008 RECON Yaprak Gürsoy and Meltem Müftüler-Baç

The European Union’s Enlargement Process and the Collective Identity Formation in Turkey; The interplay of multiple identities

790 01.10.2008 EUILAW Marise Cremona

EU External Action in the JHA Domain: a legal perspective

791 10.2008 RECON Cathrine Holst

Gender justice in the European Union: The normative subtext of methodological choices

792 01.10.2008 EUILAW Violeta Ruiz Almendral

La tributación del no residente comunitario: entre la Armonización fiscal y el Derecho tributario internacional

793 01.10.2008 EUILAW Heike Schweitzer

Commitment Decisions under Art. 9 of Regulation 1/2003: The Developing EC Practice and Case Law

794 01.10.2008 EUILAW Thomas von Danwitz

The Concept of State Aid in Liberalised Sectors

795 29.9.2008 ARENA Pieter de Wilde

Media Coverage and National Parliaments in EU Policy-Formulation. Debates on the EU Budget in the Netherlands 1992-2005

796 24.9.2008 ARENA Manuela Alfé, Thomas Christiansen and Sonia Piedrafita

Comitology Committees in the Enlarged European Union

797 05.09.2008 JeanMonnet Scott Siegel

Courts and Compliance in the European Union: The European Arrest Warrant in National Constitutional Courts

798 2.9.2008 LREG Eising, Rainer

Interest groups in EU policy-making

799 01.09.2008 EWP Acar Kutay

Legitimising the Postnational European Polity: Re-visiting the Contract Theory and Governmentality

800 9.2008 EUIRSCAS Lahusen, Christian

Law and Lawyers in Brussels' World of Commercial Consultants

801 09.2008 RECON Pieter de Wilde

Media Coverage and National Parliaments in EU Policy-Formulation: Debates on the EU Budget in the Netherlands 1992-2005

802 09.2008 RECON Zdzisław Mach and Grzegorz Pożarlik

Collective identity formation in the process of EU enlargement; Defeating the inclusive paradigm of a European democracy?

803 9.2008 EUIRSCAS de Witte, Bruno

European Union Law: A Unified Academic Discipline?

804 9.2008 EUIRSCAS Georgakakis, Didier and Marine de Lassale

Where have all the lawyers gone? Structure and transformations of the top European Commission officials' legal training

805 9.2008 EUIRSCAS Vasconcelos, Jorge

Survey of Regulatory and Technological Developments Concerning Smart Metering in the European Union Electricity Market

806 09.2008 RECON Agustín José Menéndez

Reconstituting democratic taxation in Europe: The conceptual framework

807 09.2008 RECON Yvonne Galligan and Sara Clavero

Assessing Gender Democracy in the European Union. A Methodological Framework

808 09.2008 EIF Andreas J. Obermaier

Fine-tuning the Jurisprudence: The ECJ's Judicial Activism and Self-restraint

809 9.2008 EUIRSCAS Cohen, Antonin

Scarlet Robes, Dark Suits: The Social Recruitment of the European Court of Justice

810 01.09.2008 EUILAW A-C Hartzen; N Hos; F Lecomte; C Marzo; B Mestre; H Olbrich; S Fuller

Administrative and Judicial Collective Enforcement of Consumer Law in the US and the European Community

811 09.2008 EIF Reinhard Slepcevic

Demokratisches Regieren durch gerichtliche Rechtsdurchsetzung: Bedingungen im Kontext der Europäischen Union

812 9.2008 EUIRSCAS Antonin Cohen and Antoine Vauchez

Back to the 'Future of Europe'. A Political Sociology of EU Constitutional Saga

813 9.2008 EUIRSCAS Kelemen, R. Daniel

American-Style Adversarial Legalism and the European Union

814 21.8.2008 ARENA Daniel Gaus

Legitimate Political Rule Without a State? An Analysis of Joseph H. H. Weiler’s Justification of the Legitimacy of the European Union Qua Non-statehood

815 12.8.2008 EUROGOV Blom, Tannelie; Radulova, Elissaveta; Arnold, Christine

Theorizing Modes of Governance in the EU: Institutional Design and Informational Complexity

816 01.08.2008 EWP Susanne Bygnes

Interviewing People-oriented Elites

817 29.07.2008 JeanMonnet Sungjoon Cho

Constitutional Adjudication in the World Trade Organization

818 21.7.2008 EUROGOV Kröger, Sandra

Nothing but consultation: The place of organised civil society in EU policy-making across policies

819 21.7.2008 EUROGOV Boussaguet, Laurie; Dehousse, Renaud

Lay people’s Europe: A Critical Assessment of the First EU Citizens’ Conferences

820 8.7.2008 EIoP Nedergaard, Peter

Coordination Processes in International Organisations: The EU at the International Labour Conference in 2005

821 07.2008 RECON Daniel Gaus

Legitimate Political Rule Without a State? An analysis of Josef H. H. Weiler’s justification of the legitimacy of the European Union qua non-statehood

822 01.07.2008 EUILAW Fabrizio Cafaggi

Product Safety, Private Standard Setting and Information Networks

823 1.7.2008 ARENA Ian Bache

Europeanization and multi-level governance: Empirical findings and conceptual challenges

824 7.2008 EUIRSCAS Ulrike LIEBERT, Hans-Jörg TRENZ

Mass Media and Contested Meanings: EU Constitutional Politics after Popular Rejection

825 07.2008 RECON Christopher Lord

Some indicators of the democratic performance of the European Union and how they might relate to the RECON models

826 7.2008 EUIRSCAS Héritier, Adrienne, Sandra Eckert

Self-Regulation by Associations: Collective Action Problems in European Environmental Regulation

827 07.2008 RECON Nicole Deitelhoff

Deliberating CFSP: European Foreign Policy and the International Criminal Court

828 30.6.2008 LREG Goetz, Klaus H.; Meyer-Sahling, Jan-Hinrik

The Europeanisation of national political systems: Parliaments and executives

829 30.6.2008 LREG Benz, Arthur; Zimmer, Christina

The EU’s competences: The ‘vertical’ perspective on the multilevel system

830 27.6.2008 ARENA Johan P. Olsen Change and continuity: An institutional approach to institutions of democratic government
831 27.6.2008 ARENA Johan P. Olsen

Change and continuity: An institutional approach to institutions of democratic government

832 18.06.2008 MPIfG Callaghan, Helen

How Multilevel Governance Affects the Clash of Capitalisms

833 12.6.2008 ARENA Åse Gornitzka and Ulf Sverdrup

Who are the experts? The informational basis of EU decision-making

834 9.6.2008 ARENA Hans-Jörg Trenz

In Search of The European Public Sphere: Between Normative Overstretch and Empirical Disenchantment

835 9.6.2008 ARENA Marianne Riddervold

Interests or principles? EU foreign policy in the ILO

836 1.6.2008 ScPo Renaud Dehousse

Social Protection: Why the EU Needs to Deliver

837 6.2008 EUIRSCAS David McCourt

The Very British Worldview of Chris Patten, External Relations Commissioner 1999-2004

838 1.6.2008 ScPo Rosa Sanchez Salgado

European Money at Work: Contracting a European Identity?

839 01.06.2008 EUILAW Fabrizio Cafaggi; Paola Iamiceli

New Frontiers in the Legal Structure and Legislation of Social Enterprises in Europe: A Comparative Analysis

840 1.6.2008 ScPo Paolo Graziano

The European Employment Strategy and National Welfare States: Italy and France Compared

841 01.06.2008 EUILAW Fabrizio Cafaggi

Contractual Networks and the Small Business Act: Towards European Principles?

842 06.2008 RECON Ben Crum

The EU Constitutional Process: A Failure of Political Representation?

843 1.6.2008 ScPo Ana Mar Fernàndez

The EU Council Presidency Dilemma: an Historical Institutionalist Interpretation

844 06.2008 RECON Marianne Riddervold

Interests or principles? EU foreign policy in the ILO

845 21.5.2008 LREG Loveless, Matthew; Rohrschneider, Robert

Public perceptions of the EU as a system of governance

846 16.5.2008 ARENA Johan P. Olsen

EU Governance: Where do we go from here?

847 16.5.2008 ARENA Hans-Jörg Trenz

Elements of a sociology of European integration

848 05.2008 RECON Hans-Jörg Trenz

In Search of the European Public Sphere: Between Normative Overstrech and Empirical Disenchantment

849 01.05.2008 EUILAW Hans-W Micklitz

The Visible Hand of European Regulatory Private Law

850 05.2008 CEVIPOL Amandine Crespy and Nicolas Verschueren

De l?euroscepticisme aux résistances: contribution au débat sur la théorisation des conflits sur l?intégration européenne

851 28.04.2008 MPIfG Blauberger, Michael

From Negative to Positive Integration? European State Aid Control Through Soft and Hard Law

852 23.04.2008 JeanMonnet Johanna Hey

EU Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base: Guided Variety versus Strict Uniformity - Lessons from the “U. S. States’ Tax Chaos”

853 23.04.2008 JeanMonnet Grainne de Burca

Reflections on the path from the Constitutional Treaty to the Lisbon Treaty

854 17.4.2008 EIoP Oppermann, Kai; Viehrig, Henrike

Issue Salience and the Domestic Legitimacy Demands of European Integration. The Cases of Britain and Germany

855 04.04.2008 JeanMonnet Silvana Sciarra

Trusting Judges to Deliver Changes: Italy, the EU and Labour Law

856 3.4.2008 EIoP Neuhold, Christine

Taming the ‘Trojan Horse’ of Comitology? Accountability issues of Comitology and the Role of the European Parliament

857 04.2008 RECON Yvonne Galligan and Sara Clavero

Researching gender democracy in the European Union: Challenges and prospects

858 01.04.2008 EWP Veit Bader

Eurospheres? Fragmented and Stratified or Integrated and Fair? A conceptual and pretheoreticalmapping exercise

859 04.2008 RECON Christian Joerges and Florian Rödl

On the “Social Deficit” of the European Integration Project and its Perpetuation through the ECJ-Judgements in Viking and Laval

860 17.3.2008 ARENA Deirdre Curtin and Morten Egeberg

Tradition and Innovation: Europe’s Accumulated Executive Order

861 05.03.2008 MPIfG Allam, Miriam S., and Achim Goerres

Adopting the Euro in Post-Communist Countries: An Analysis of the Attitudes toward the Single Currency

862 3.3.2008 ARENA Paul Statham

Political Party Contestation over Europe in Public Discourses: Emergent Euroscepticism?

863 03.03.2008 ConWEB Birgit Locher, Elisabeth Prügl

Gender and European Integration

864 03.2008 RECON Thomas Risse and Jana Katharina Grabowsky

European Identity Formation in the Public Sphere and in Foreign Policy

865 3.2008 EUIRSCAS Antoine Vauchez

Integration-through-Law: Contribution to a Socio-history of EU Political Commonsense

866 01.03.2008 EUILAW Carole Lyons

A Door into the Dark; Doing Justice to History in the Courts of the European Union

867 28.2.2008 ARENA Helene Sjursen

Integration without Democracy? Three Conceptions of European Security Policy in Transformation

868 20.2.2008 ARENA Anne Elizabeth Stie

Assessing Democratic Legitimacy from a Deliberative Perspective

869 15.2.2008 ARENA Helene Sjursen

Enlargement in Perspective: The EU's Quest for Identity

870 12.2.2008 ARENA John Erik Fossum

Norway's European conundrum

871 10.2.2008 ARENA Agustín José Menéndez

The European Democratic Challenge

872 6.2.2008 ARENA Hans-Jörg Trenz

Measuring Europeanisation of Public Communication: The Question of Standards

873 01.02.2008 EWP Gürcan Koçan

Models of Public Sphere in Political Philosophy

874 01.02.2008 EWP Hakan G Sicakkan

Positioning the Diversity Perspective

875 01.02.2008 EWP Bjarte Folkestad

Is it Possible to Speak of Transnational Parties?

876 01.02.2008 EWP Veit Bader

Complex Citizenship and Legitimacy in Compound Polities (MLPs and MLG):The EU as example

877 01.02.2008 EWP Hakan G Sicakkan

The Boundaries of Political Rights in Europe: How can the diversity perspective, as an alternative to difference-thinking, contribute to justifying inclusive practices?

878 01.02.2008 EWP Hakan G Sicakkan

Political Asylum and the Multi-Level, Plural Forms of Sovereignty in Europe

879 01.02.2008 EUILAW Neil Walker

Denizenship and the Deterritorialization in the EU

880 2.2008 EUIRSCAS Ulrich Krotz

The (Beginning of the) End of the Political Unity of the West? Four Scenarios of North Atlantic Futures

881 02.2008 RECON Jens Steffek

Public Accountability and the Public Sphere of International Governance

882 01.02.2008 EWP Rainer Bauböck

Beyond Culturalism and Statism. Liberal Responses to Diversity

883 01.02.2008 EUILAW Hans-Wolfgang Micklitz

Regulatory Strategies on Services Contracts in EC Law

884 01.02.2008 EWP Christoph Bärenreuter, Cornelia Brüll, Monika Mokre, Karin Wahl-Jorgensen

An Overview of Research on the European Public Sphere

885 01.02.2008 EUILAW Marie-Ange Moreau

Les restructurations dans l’Union européenne: récentes évolutions (2005-2006)

886 31.1.2008 EUROGOV Magnette, Paul; Papadopoulos, Yannis

On the politicization of the European consociation: A middle way between Hix and Bartolini

887 15.1.2008 ARENA Hans-Jörg Trenz, Maximilian Conrad and Guri Rosén

The Interpretative Moment of European Journalism

888 10.1.2008 ARENA Erik Oddvar Eriksen and John Erik Fossum

Reconstituting European Democracy

889 2008 CEVIPOL Sharon Weinblum

Cleavages and political party system in Israel: Applying Lipset and Rokkan's model to a non Western case

890 01.01.2008 EUILAW Marie-Ange Moreau; Jean-Jacques Paris

Le rôle du Comité d’Entreprise Européen au cours des restructurations: les leçons du projet AgirE

891 01.2008 RECON Christoph Haug

Public Spheres within Movements: Challenging the (Re)search for a European Public Sphere

892 01.2008 RECON James Caporaso and Sidney Tarrow

Polanyi in Brussels: European institutions and the embedding of markets in society

893 01.01.2008 EUILAW Daniel Augenstein

A European Culture of Religious Tolerance

894 2008 CEVIPOL François Foret and Yann Sven Rittelmeyer Les présidences de l'Unions européenne en redéfinition: Quelle légitimité ?Quelle efficacité ?
895 2008 CEVIPOL Carla Nagels Le Vlaams Blok comme nouvel agent politique: Analyse des débats à la Chambre des représentants de 1981 à 1999
896 2008 CEVIPOL Djamel Merlat Entre 'préférence nationale' et allégeance partisane: le long parcours d'intégration des néo-frontistes
897 30.12.2007 EIoP Braams, Beate

Equal Opportunities between Men and Women and Gender Mainstreaming under the European Employment Strategy (EES) and the Open Method of Coordination (OMC) – A New Policy Approach to Combat Gender Discrimination?

898 21.12.2007 LREG Finke, Barbara

Civil society participation in EU governance

899 21.12.2007 LREG Vreese, Claes H.

The EU as a public sphere

900 17.12.2007 EUROGOV Hosli, Madeleine O.; Arnold, Christine

The Importance of Actor Cleavages in Negotiating the European Constitutional Treaty

901 10.12.2007 ARENA Orion Lewis and Sven Steinmo

Taking Evolution Seriously

902 01.12.2007 EUILAW Michal Bobek

Quantity or Quality? Re-Assessing the Role of Supreme Jurisdictions in Central Europe

903 12.2007 EUIRSCAS Antoaneta Dimitrova

Institutionalization of Imported Rules in the European Union's New Member States: Bringing Politics Back in the Research Agenda

904 12.2007 RECON Anne Elizabeth Stie

Assessing democratic legitimacy from a deliberative perspective: An analytical framework for evaluating the EU’s second pillar decision-making system

905 01.12.2007 EUILAW Heike Schweitzer

Controlling the Unilateral Exercise of Intellectual Property Rights: A Multitude of Approaches but No Way Ahead? The Transatlantic Search for a New Approach

906 01.12.2007 EUILAW Stéphanie Hennette-Vauchez

When Ambivalent Principles Prevail. Leads for Explaining Western Legal Orders’ Infatuation with the Human Dignity Principle

907 12.2007 RECON Helene Sjursen

Integration without democracy? Three conceptions of European Security Policy in transformation

908 01.12.2007 EUILAW Heike Schweitzer

Parallels and Differences in the Attitudes towards Single-Firm Conduct: What are the Reasons? The History, Interpretation and Underlying Principles of Sec. 2 Sherman Act and Art. 82 EC

909 12.2007 RECON Swantje Renfordt

Do Europeans speak with one another in time of war? Results of a media analysis on the 2003 Iraq war

910 12.2007 RECON Erik Oddvar Eriksen and John Erik Fossum

A done deal? The EU’s legitimacy conundrum revisited

911 21.11.2007 ARENA Pieter de Wilde

Politicisation of European Integration: Bringing the Process into Focus

912 21.11.2007 ARENA Morten Egeberg and Jarle Trondal

National Agencies in the European Administrative Space: Government driven, Commission driven or networked?

913 6.11.2007 ARENA Regina Vetters

The Constitutional Debate Revisited. Patterns of public claims-making in constitutional debates in France and Germany 2001-2005

914 5.11.2007 JeanMonnet Marta Cartabia

“Taking Dialogue Seriously” The Renewed Need for a Judicial Dialogue at the Time of Constitutional Activism in the European Union

915 5.11.2007 JeanMonnet Edoardo Chiti

The European Security and Defense AdministrationWithin the Context of the Global Legal Space

916 5.11.2007 JeanMonnet Cees Maris

Laïcité in the Low Countries? On Headscarves in a Neutral State

917 5.11.2007 JeanMonnet Armin von Bogdandy

The European Union as Situation, Executive, and Promoter of the International Law of Cultural Diversity – Elements of a Beautiful Friendship

918 5.11.2007 JeanMonnet Marzia Barbera and Bruno Caruso

In Search of a New Language: Italian Labour Law Scholarship in the Face of European Integration

919 5.11.2007 JeanMonnet Giovanni Orlandini

Right to Strike, Transnational Collective Action and European Law: Time to Move On?

920 5.11.2007 JeanMonnet Tommaso Rafaraci and Rosanna Belfiore

Judicial Protection of Individuals under the Third Pillar of the European Union

921 5.11.2007 JeanMonnet Barbara Pasa

Old Terms for New Concepts in Consumer Contracts?

922 5.11.2007 JeanMonnet Marco Dani

Constitutionalism and Dissonances – Has Europe Paid Off Its Debt to Functionalism?

923 11.2007 EUIRSCAS Karen Banks

The Application of the Fundamental Freedoms to Member State Tax Measures: Guarding against Protectionism or Second-guessing National Policy Choices?

924 11.2007 RECON Agustín José Menéndez

The European democratic challenge

925 11.2007 RECON Helene Sjursen

Enlargement in perspective: The EU’s quest for identity

926 11.2007 RECON Stefan Collignon

Theoretical models of fiscal policies in the Euroland: The Lisbon Strategy, Macroeconomic Stability and the Dilemma of Governance with Governments

927 11.2007 RECON Hans-Jörg Trenz

Measuring Europeanisation of public communication: The question of standards

928 11.2007 RECON Hans-Jörg Trenz, Maximilian Conrad and Guri Rosén

The interpretative moment of European journalism: The impact of newspaper opinion making in the ratification process

929 17.10.2007 ARENA Jonathan P. Aus

EU Governance in an Area of Freedom, Security and Justice: Logics of Decision-making in the Justice and Home Affairs Council

930 01.10.2007 EUILAW Heike Schweitzer

Competition Law and Public Policy: Reconsidering an Uneasy Relationship. The Example of Art. 81

931 01.10.2007 EUILAW Fabrizio Cafaggi

Which Governance for European Private Law?

932 10.2007 EUIRSCAS Florian Oberhuber

Legitimating the European Union: The Contested Meanings of an EU Constitution

933 01.10.2007 EUILAW Marie-Ange Moreau; Maria Esther Blas-Loopez

Trade Unions in the EU Facing Global Companies: Legal Obstacles and Innovations

934 17.9.2007 ARENA Johan P. Olsen

The Ups and Downs of Bureaucratic Organization

935 10.09.2007 JeanMonnet George S. Katrougalos

The (Dim) Perspectives of the European Social Citizenship

936 10.09.2007 JeanMonnet Pierpaolo Settembri

The surgery succeeded. Has the patient died? The impact of enlargement on the European Union

937 09.2007 EUIRSCAS Vauchez, Antoine

Embedded Law. Political Sociology of the European Community of Law: Elements of a Renewed Research Agenda

938 01.09.2007 EUILAW Christian Joerges

Democracy and European Integration: A Legacy of Tensions, a Re-conceptualisation and Recent True Conflicts?

939 09.2007 RECON Wolfgang Wagner

The democratic deficit in the EU’s security and defense policy – why bother?

940 09.2007 RECON Helene Sjursen

‘Doing good’ in the world? Reconsidering the basis of the research agenda on the EU’s foreign and security policy

941 31.8.2007 ARENA Johan P. Olsen

Understanding Institutions and Logics of Appropriateness: Introductory Essay

942 22.8.2007 ARENA Åse Gornitzka and Ulf Sverdrup

Who Consults? Expert Groups in the European Union

943 16.08.2007 JeanMonnet Omar Akbar

The “Necessary” Connection Between the Duty to Negotiate and Least Restrictive Measures Analysis: The Gambling Dispute Reconsidered

944 16.08.2007 JeanMonnet Dietmar Nickel & Gerrard Quille

In the Shadow of the Constitution: Common Foreign and Security Policy/European Security and Defence Policy Adapting to a Changing External Environment

945 01.08.2007 EUILAW Fabrizio Cafaggi; Hans-W Micklitz

Administrative and Judicial Collective Enforcement of Consumer Law in the US and the European Community

946 01.08.2007 EUILAW Marise Cremona; Gabriella Meloni

The European Neighbourhood Policy: A Framework for Modernisation?

947 31.7.2007 LREG Schimmelfennig, Frank

Europeanization beyond Europe

948 17.7.2007 EUROGOV Joerges, Christian

Integration through de-legislation? An irritated heckler

949 11.7.2007 ARENA Daniel Naurin

Safe Enough To Argue? Giving Reasons in the Council of the EU

950 10.07.2007 ConWEB Tor-Inge Harbo

The Function of a European Basic Law: a Question of Legitimacy

951 4.7.2007 MPIfG Scharpf, Fritz W.

Reflections on Multilevel Legitimacy

952 07.2007 RECON Thorsten Hüller

Adversary or ‘depoliticized’ institution? Democratizing the Constitutional Convention

953 07.2007 RECON John Erik Fossum

Constitutional patriotism: Canada and the European Union

954 07.2007 RECON Dawid Friedrich

Old wine in new bottles? The actual and potential contribution of civil society organisations to democratic governance in Europe

955 01.07.2007 EUILAW Poul Kjaer

Rationality within REACH? On Functional Differentiation as the Structural Foundation of Legitimacy in European Chemicals Regulation

956 07.2007 RECON Neil Walker

Taking Constitutionalism Beyond the State

957 07.2007 RECON Christoph Meyer

The Constitutional Treaty debates as revelatory mechanisms: Insights for public sphere research and re-launch attempts

958 01.07.2007 EUILAW Bruno de Witte

Setting the Scene: How did Services get to Bolkestein and Why?

959 29.6.2007 ARENA Øivind Bratberg

Bilateral diplomacy in an integrated Europe: the co-existence of institutional orders?

960 22.6.2007 EIoP Steunenberg, Bernard; Dimitrova, Antoaneta

Compliance in the EU enlargement process: The limits of conditionality

961 5.6.2007 ARENA Bjorn Hoyland and Sara Hagemann

Bicameral Politics in the European Union

962 03.06.2007 JeanMonnet Rosa Comella

New Governance fatigue? Administration and democracy in the European Union

963 1.6.2007 ScPo Zaki Laïdi

The Unintended Consequences of European Power

964 1.6.2007 ScPo Alfio Cerami

Europeanization, Enlargement and Social Policy in Central and Eastern Europe

965 01.06.2007 EUILAW Ian Loader, Neil Walker

Locating the Public Interest in Transnational Policing

966 1.6.2007 ScPo Jean Leca

« L’Empire contre-attaque » : une autre vision de l’Union Européenne

967 1.6.2007 ScPo Zaki Laïdi

Les préférences européennes et leur réception

968 01.06.2007 EUILAW Neil Walker

After finalité? The Future of the European Constitutional Idea

969 06.2007 EUIRSCAS Adrienne Héritier, Sandra Eckert

New Modes of Governance in the Shadow of Hierarchy: Self-Regulation by Industry in Europe

970 1.6.2007 ScPo Sophie Duchesne, André-Paul Frognier

Why Is it so Difficult to Know if National Pride Leads the Way to European Identity or Prevents it ?

971 25.5.2007 EIoP Brandsma, Gijs Jan

Accountability deficits in European ‘Comitology’ decision-making

972 25.5.2007 EIoP McGowan, Lee

Theorising European Integration: revisiting neo-functionalism and testing its suitability for explaining the development of EC competition policy?

973 25.05.2007 JeanMonnet Richard Stith

Securing the Rule of Law through Interpretive Pluralism: An Argument from Comparative Law

974 16.5.2007 ARENA Johan P. Olsen

Mellom økonomi og kultur: Det europeiske universitetet i endring

975 10.5.2007 EUROGOV Sabel, Charles F.; Zeitlin, Jonathan

Learning from Difference: The New Architecture of Experimentalist Governance in the European Union

976 8.5.2007 ARENA Jarle Trondal

The Public Administration Turn in Integration Research

977 01.05.2007 EUILAW Neil Walker; Grainne de Burca

Reconceiving Law and New Governance

978 05.2007 RECON Christian Joerges

Conflict of laws as constitutional form: Reflections on the International Trade Law and the Biotech Panel Report

979 05.2007 EUIRSCAS Fenella Fleischmann

The Effects of Social and Labour Market Policies of EU-countries on the Socio-Economic Integration of First and Second Generation Immigrants from Different Countries of Origin

980 01.05.2007 EUILAW Robert Schutze

On ‘Middle Ground’. The European Community and Public International Law

981 15.4.2007 MPIfG Rehder, Britta

What Is Political about Jurisprudence? Courts, Politics and Political Science in Europe and the United States

982 27.3.2007 EIoP Pitrová, Markéta

Populism in the first European elections in the Czech Republic

983 27.3.2007 EIoP Borrás, Susana

The European Commission as Network Broker

984 27.3.2007 ARENA Thomas Gehring

Institutional Stimulation of Deliberative Decision-Making:Technical Regulation in the European Union

985 23.3.2007 MPIfG Höpner, Martin, and Armin Schäfer

A New Phase of European Integration:Organized Capitalisms in Post-Ricardian Europe

986 22.3.2007 ARENA Morten Egeberg

EUROPEAN GOVERNMENT(S) Executive Politics in Transition?

987 20.3.2007 EUROGOV Cafaggi, Fabrizio; Muir Watt, Horatia

The Making of European Private Law: Regulation and Governance design

988 13.3.2007 ARENA Jarle Trondal

The Anatomy of Autonomy: Reassessing the Autonomy of the European Commission

989 08.03.2007 MPIfG Kahancová, Marta

Corporate Values in Local Contexts Work Systems and Workers’ Welfare in Western and Eastern Europe

990 03.03.2007 ConWEB Silviya Lechner

Equality, Authority, and the Locus of International Order

991 03.03.2007 ConWEB Mark A. Pollack

The New Institutionalisms and European Integration

992 03.2007 EUIRSCAS Daniel Naurin

Network Capital and Cooperation Patterns in the Working Groups of the Council of the EU

993 03.2007 EUIRSCAS Julio Baquero Cruz

The Legacy of the Maastricht-Urteil and the Pluralist Movement

994 01.03.2007 EUILAW Michal Bobek

The Binding Force of Babel. The Enforcement of EC Law Unpublished in the Languages of the New Member States

995 03.2007 RECON James Bohman

Democratizing the transnational polity: The European Union and the presuppositions of democracy

996 03.2007 RECON Erik Oddvar Eriksen and John Erik Fossum

Europe in Transformation: How to Reconstitute Democracy?

997 28.2.2007 ARENA Å. Gornitzka, P. Maassen, J. P. Olsen, and B. Stensaker

“Europe of Knowledge”: Search for a New Pact

998 20.2.2007 EUROGOV Michels, Ank

Theories and core principles of Dutch democracy

999 13.2.2007 MPIfG Ganghof, Steffen, and Philipp Genschel

Taxation and Democracy in the EU

1000 01.02.2007 EUILAW Jorrit Rijpma; Marise Cremona

The Extra-Territorialisation of EU Migration Policies and the Rule of Law

1001 02.2007 EUIRSCAS Christoph Herrmann

Much Ado about Pluto? The 'Unity of the Legal Order of the European Union' Revisited

1002 01.02.2007 EUILAW Silvia d'Ascoli; Kathrin Maria Scherr

The Rule of Prior Exhaustion of Local Remedies in the International Law Doctrine and its Application in the Specific Context of Human Rights Protection

1003 25.1.2007 ARENA Åse Gornitzka

Networking Administration in Areas of National Sensitivity - The Commission and European Higher Education

1004 16.1.2007 EUROGOV Citi, Manuele; Rhodes, Martin

New Modes of Governance in the EU: Common Objectives versus National Preferences

1005 10.1.2007 ARENA Johan P. Olsen

Organization theory, public administration, democratic governance

1006 8.1.2007 ARENA Regina Vetters, Erik Jentges and Hans-Jörg Trenz

Exploring the EU’s social constituency: Patterns of public claims-making in constitutional debates in France and Germany

1007 3.1.2007 ARENA Johan P. Olsen and Peter Maassen

European Debates on the Knowledge Institution:The Modernization of the University at the European Level

1008 2007 CEVIPOL Emilie Van Haute and Jean-Benoît Pilet

Opening and Democratizing Pilar Parties? Internal reforms in Belgian political parties

1009 2007 CEVIPOL Katya Long Debates over sovereignty during the French Revolution: Sieyès versus Robespierre
1010 2007 CEVIPOL François Foret Une question d'ordres ?Discours religieux et intégration européenne à la lumière de l'affaire Buttiglione
1011 21.12.2006 ARENA Åse Gornitzka

The Open Method of Coordination as practice - A watershed in European education policy?

1012 18.12.2006 MPIfG Manow, Philip, and Holger Döring

Divided Government European Style? Electoral and Mechanical Causes of European Parliament and Council Divisions

1013 18.12.2006 ARENA Anne Corbett

Higher Education as a Form of European Integration: How Novel is the Bologna Process?

1014 13.12.2006 ARENA Hans-Jörg Trenz

Mediatisation and democratization

1015 05.12.2006 ConWEB Claus Offe, Ulrich K. Preuss

The Problem of Legitimacy in the European Polity. Is Democratization the Answer?”

1016 05.12.2006 ConWEB Antje Wiener

Constructivist Approaches in International Relations Theory: Puzzles and Promises ”

1017 12.2006 EUIRSCAS Henry Farrell, Adrienne Héritier

Codecision and Institutional Change

1018 01.12.2006 EUILAW Jacques Ziller

Une constitution courte et obscure ou claire et détaillée ? Perspectives pour la simplification des traités et la rationalisation de l’ordre juridique de l’union européenne

1019 01.12.2006 EUILAW Jacques Ziller

Europäische Implementierungsforschung im XXI. Jahrhundert La recherche sur la mise en oeuvre du droit de l’Union européenne au XXIème Siècle

1020 01.12.2006 EUILAW Ernst-Ulrich Petersmann

State Sovereignty, Popular Sovereignty and Individual Sovereignty: from Constitutional Nationalism to Multilevel Constitutionalism in International Economic Law?

1021 01.12.2006 EUILAW Hanns Ullrich

National, European and Community Patent Protection: Time for Reconsideration

1022 01.12.2006 EUILAW Ernst-Ulrich Petersmann

Multi-Level Judicial Trade Governance without Justice? On the Role of Domestic Courts in the WTO Legal and Dispute Settlement System

1023 01.12.2006 EUILAW Camil Ungureanu

The Relation between Democracy and Religion: Towards a European Discursive “Model”?

1024 01.12.2006 EUILAW Wojciech Sadurski

'Solange, chapter 3': Constitutional Courts in Central Europe – Democracy – European Union

1025 01.12.2006 EUILAW Ernst-Ulrich Petersmann

Justice in International Economic Law? From the ‘International Law among States’ to ‘International Integration law’ and ‘Constitutional Law’

1026 01.12.2006 EUILAW Michelle Everson; Christian Joerges

Consumer Citizenship in Postnational Constellations?

1027 01.12.2006 EUILAW Michel Petite

Current Legal Issues in the External Relations of the European Union

1028 01.12.2006 EUILAW Jacques Ziller

Le traité de Prüm: Une vraie-fausse coopération renforcée dans l’Espace de sécurité de liberté et de justice

1029 01.12.2006 EUILAW Wojciech Sadurski

European Constitutional Identity?

1030 01.12.2006 EUILAW Fabrizio Cafaggi

Self-regulation in European Contract Law

1031 12.2006 EUIRSCAS Carl-Fredrik Bergström, Henry Farrell, Adrienne Héritier

Legislate or Delegate? Bargaining over Implementation and Legislative Authority in the European Union

1032 01.12.2006 EUILAW Marise Cremona; Christophe Hillion

L’Union fait la force? Potential and Limitations of the European Neighbourhood Policy as an Integrated EU Foreign and Security Policy

1033 9.11.2006 LREG Lord, Christopher J.

The aggregating function of political parties in EU decision-making

1034 9.11.2006 LREG Treib, Oliver

Implementing and complying with EU governance outputs

1035 9.11.2006 LREG Sedelmeier, Ulrich

Europeanisation in new member and candidate states

1036 3.11.2006 ScPo Boris Hauray, Philippe Urfalino

Mutual Transformation and the Development of European Policy Spaces : the Case of Medicine Licensing

1037 3.11.2006 ScPo Marina Chauliac

Les nostalgiques de la RDA : eterne deuil impossible et poursuite d’une utopie

1038 18.10.2006 ARENA Morten Egeberg

Towards an Organization Theory of International Integration

1039 11.10.2006 MPIfG Döring, Holger The Composition of the College of Commissioners: Patterns of Delegation
1040 11.10.2006 MPIfG Woll, Cornelia Trade Policy Lobbying in the European Union: Who Captures Whom?
1041 11.10.2006 ARENA Mark A. Pollack

Rational Choice and EU Politics

1042 11.10.2006 MPIfG Avdagic, Sabina One Path or Several? Understanding the Varied Development of Tripartism in New European Capitalisms
1043 05.10.2006 EUIRSCAS Gemma Mateo González

Domestic Politics and Referendums on the Constitutional Treaty

1044 01.10.2006 EUILAW Marise Cremona

A Constitutional Basis for Effective External Action?

1045 01.10.2006 EUILAW Rainer Nickel

Participatory Governance and European Administrative Law: New Legal Benchmarks for the New European Public Order

1046 01.10.2006 EUILAW Jacques Ziller

Le processus des ratifications du traité établissant une Constitution pour l’Europe et la période de réflexion

1047 25.9.2006 ARENA Jonathan P. Aus

Decision-making under Pressure: The Negotiation of the Biometric Passports Regulation in the Council

1048 8.9.2006 EIoP Onay, Ceylan

A Co-integration Analysis Approach to European Union Integration: The Case of Acceding and Candidate Countries

1049 8.9.2006 EIoP Seifert, Franz

Synchronised national publics as functional equivalent of an integrated European public. The case of biotechnology

1050 8.9.2006 EIoP Juncos, Ana E.; Pomorska, Karolina

Playing the Brussels game: Strategic socialisation in the CFSP Council Working Groups

1051 8.9.2006 EIoP Toens, Katrin

Lobbying for Justice? Organized Welfare in Germany under the Impact of Europeanization

1052 8.9.2006 EIoP Bendiek, Annegret

Cross-Pillar Security Regime Building in the European Union: Effects of the European Security Strategy of December 2003

1053 01.09.2006 EUILAW Christian Joerges; Jurgen Neyer

Deliberative Supranationalism Revisited

1054 01.09.2006 EUILAW Marise Cremona

External Relations of the EU and the Member States: Competence, Mixed Agreements, International Responsibility, and Effects of International Law

1055 09.2006 EUIRSCAS Cathleen Kantner What is a European Identity? The Emergence of a Shared Ethical Self-Understanding in the European Union
1056 01.09.2006 EUILAW Giovanni Sartor

Syllogism and Defeasibilty: A Comment on Neil MacCormick’s Rhetoric and the Rule of Law

1057 01.09.2006 EUILAW Neil Walker

EU Constitutionalism in the State Constitutional Tradition

1058 01.09.2006 EUILAW Marie-Ange Moreau

Evolutions du droit du travail, flexibilités et cohésion sociale : vers la recherche de nouvelles voies pour soutenir les restructurations et les transitions?

1059 21.7.2006 EIoP Aus, Jonathan P.

Eurodac: A Solution Looking for a Problem?

1060 19.07.2006 EUIRSCAS Gerda Falkner, Miriam Hartlapp, Oliver Treib

Worlds of compliance: Why leading approaches to the implementation of EU legislation are only 'sometimes-true theories'

1061 19.07.2006 EUIRSCAS Harlan Koff

On the Cutting Edge: Border Integration and Security in Europe and North America

1062 07.07.2006 ConWEB James Tully

A New Kind of Europe? Democratic Integration in the European Union”

1063 4.7.2006 EIoP Rostek, Karolina; Davies, Gareth

The impact of Union citizenship on national citizenship policies

1064 01.07.2006 EUILAW Giovanni Sartor

Validity As Bindingness: The Normativity of Legality

1065 01.07.2006 EUILAW Jacques Ziller

L’européisation du droit : de l’Élargissement des champs du droit de l’Union européenne à une transformation des droits des États membres

1066 23.06.2006 EUIRSCAS Gonzalo Escribano

Europeanisation without Europe? The Mediterranean and the Neighbourhood Policy

1067 13.6.2006 EIoP Trondal, Jarle

An Institutional Perspective on Representation. Ambiguous representation in the European Commission

1068 09.06.2006 JeanMonnet JULIE RINGELHEIM


1069 09.06.2006 JeanMonnet Rodolphe Munoz

The Monitoring of the Application of Community Law: The Need to Improve the Current Tools and an Obligation to Innovate

1070 09.06.2006 JeanMonnet Alicia Cebada Romero


1071 09.06.2006 JeanMonnet Antonio Segura-Serrano

Internet Regulation: A Hard-Law Proposal

1072 09.06.2006 JeanMonnet Ruth Mason

A Theory of Tax Discrimination

1073 09.06.2006 JeanMonnet Chan-Mo Chung

Interpreting “Interconnection”: Hermeneutics of the WTO Mexico-Telecommunications Case

1074 09.06.2006 JeanMonnet Rodolphe Munoz

A Theory of WTO Law

1075 01.06.2006 EUILAW Francesco Francioni

Genetic Resources, Biotechnology and Human Rights: The International Legal Framework

1076 1.6.2006 ScPo Florent Parmentier

The European Neighbourhood Policy as a Process of Democratic Norms Diffusion in Ukraine. The Case of the EU Act Beyond Conditionality?

1077 1.6.2006 ScPo Benoît Pélopidas

“Non-Proliferation through International Norms: a European Preference?

1078 1.6.2006 ScPo Alfio Cerami

Why Should Central and Eastern European Societies still be considered as Democracies at Risk? An Analysis of Labour Structure and Preferences for One-Party System

1079 31.5.2006 EIoP Kröger, Sandra

When learning hits politics or: Social policy coordination left to the administrations and the NGOs?

1080 24.5.2006 MPIfG Broscheid, Andreas and David Coen

Lobbying Systems in the European Union: A Quantitative Study

1081 20.05.2006 ConWEB Franke Wilmer

Minority Rights and Charles Tilly’s “Stateness”

1082 19.5.2006 ARENA John Erik Fossum

Adieu to constitutional elitism?

1083 16.05.2006 ConWEB Luca Barani

Hard and Soft Law in the European Union: The case of Social policy and the Open Method of Coordination

1084 15.05.2006 EUIRSCAS Daniela Irrera

The Balkanization of Politics: Crime and Corruption in Albania

1085 09.05.2006 ConWEB Arne Niemann

Explaining visa, asylum and immigration policy Treaty revision: insights from a revised neofunctionalist framework

1086 9.5.2006 EIoP Krapohl, Sebastian; Zurek, Karolina

The Perils of Committee Governance: Intergovernmental Bargaining during the BSE Scandal in the European Union

1087 4.5.2006 ARENA Jonathan P. Aus

Eurodac: A Solution Looking for a Problem?

1088 03.05.2006 EUIRSCAS Filip Jasinski

National Co-ordination of the Fight against Trafficking in Human Beings: Recommendations for Poland as a 'New' EU Member State

1089 01.05.2006 EUILAW Gabriel N Toggenburg

A Remaining Share or a New Part? The Union’s Role vis-à-vis Minorities After the Enlargement Decade

1090 01.05.2006 EUILAW Armandine Garde

The Regulation of Food Advertising and Obesity Prevention in Europe: What Role for the European Union

1091 01.05.2006 EUILAW Fabrizio Cafaggi

Rethinking Private Regulation in the European Regulatory Space

1092 01.05.2006 EUILAW Giovanni Sartor

Fundamental Legal Concepts: A Formal and Teleological Characterisation

1093 01.05.2006 EUILAW Raffaello Matarazzo; Emanuele Rebasti

Report of the International Conference The EU, the US and the Reform of the United Nations: Challenges and Perspectives

1094 10.4.2006 ARENA Erik Oddvar Eriksen

Deliberation and the problem of democratic legitimacy in the EU: Are working agreements the most that can be expected?

1095 7.4.2006 EUROGOV Fossum, John Erik; Trenz, Hans-Jörg

When the people come in: Constitution-making and the belated politicisation of the European Union

1096 7.4.2006 EUROGOV Harlow, Carol; Rawlings, Richard

Promoting Accountability in Multi-Level Governance: A Network Approach

1097 23.03.2006 EUIRSCAS María Esther Blas López

Le cadre d'action des partenaires sociaux européens : panorama, mutations et enjeux à l'heure de la mondialisation

1098 15.3.2006 ARENA Berthold Rittberger & Frank Schimmelfennig

Building Europe’s Constitution. The parliamentarization and institutionalization of human rights

1099 7.3.2006 EUROGOV Smismans, Stijn

New Modes of Governance and the Participatory Myth

1100 01.03.2006 EUILAW Christian Joerges

Free Trade with Hazardous Products? The Emergence of Transnational Governance with Eroding State Government

1101 01.03.2006 EUILAW Jacques Ziller

Le droit français de la langue, entre les mythes d'une tradition interventionniste et la réalité de nouvelles angoisses

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1103 01.03.2006 EUILAW Jacques Ziller

The Value of Justice in the European Constitution

1104 01.03.2006 EUILAW Pierre-Marie Dupuy

Le droit à l'eau, un droit international?

1105 01.03.2006 EUILAW Jacques Ziller

Das öffentlichen Diensrecht aus der Perspektive der vergleichenden Verwaltungswissenschaft

1106 01.03.2006 EUILAW Pierre-Marie Dupuy

Les émanations engagent-elles la responsabilité des Etats? Etude de droit international des investissements

1107 01.03.2006 EUILAW Giovanni Sartor

Privacy, Reputation, and Trust: Some Implications for Data Protection

1108 27.2.2006 ARENA Jeffrey T. Checkel

Constructivist approaches to European integration

1109 24.2.2006 ARENA Svein S. Andersen & Nick Sitter

Differentiated integration

1110 17.2.2006 ARENA Stefano Bartolini

A Comparative Political Approach to the EU Formation

1111 17.02.2006 EUIRSCAS Klaus Skytte

Interplay between Environmental Regulation and Power Markets

1112 13.2.2006 ARENA Jonathan P. Aus

Logics of Decision-making on Community Asylum Policy: A Case Study of the Evolvement of the Dublin II Regulation

1113 01.02.2006 EUILAW Lukasz Gruszczysnki

The Role of Science in Risk Regulation under the SPS Agreement

1114 01.02.2006 EUILAW Marie-Ange Moreau

Restructuration et comité d’entreprise européen

1115 30.1.2006 ARENA Åse Gornitzka & Johan P. Olsen

Making sense of change in university governance

1116 27.1.2006 EIoP Obydenkova, Anastassia

Democratization, Europeanization and Regionalization beyond the European Union: Search for Empirical Evidence

1117 20.1.2006 ARENA Åse Gornitzka & Johan P. Olsen

Europeiske endringsprosesser og høyere utdanningsinstitusjoner

1118 16.1.2006 EUROGOV Bovens, Mark

Analysing and Assessing Public Accountability. A Conceptual Framework

1119 05.01.2006 JeanMonnet Jonas Bering Liisberg

The EU Constitutional Treaty and its distinction between legislative and non-legislative acts – Oranges into apples?

1120 05.01.2006 JeanMonnet Jan Komârek

European Constitutionalism and the European Arrest Warrant: Contrapunctual Principles in Disharmony

1121 05.01.2006 JeanMonnet Sanem BAYKAL

Unity in Diversity? The Challenge of Diversity for the European Political Identity, Legitimacy and Democratic Governance: Turkey’s EU Membership as the Ultimate Test Case

1122 05.01.2006 JeanMonnet Gareth Davies

The Process and Side-Effects of Harmonisation of European Welfare States

1123 2006 CEVIPOL Pascal Delwit Les mandataires communaux en Région bruxelloise: environnement changeant, nouvelles élites ?
1124 2006 CEVIPOL Koenraad De Ceuninck and Carl Devos and Herwig Reynaert and Tony Valcke and Dries Verlet Le vote obligatoire en Flandre: Une analyse à l'échelle locale
1125 23.12.2005 ARENA Børge Romsloe

Finland and the case of a Northern dimension for the EU: Inclusion by bargaining or arguing?

1126 13.12.2005 JeanMonnet Marco Dani

Economic Constitutionalism(s) in a Time of Uneasiness - Comparative Study on the Economic Constitutional Identities of Italy, the WTO and the EU

1127 08.12.2005 EUIRSCAS Stephan Stetter

Theorising the European Neighbourhood Policy: Debordering and Rebordering in the Mediterranean

1128 5.12.2005 EIoP Kombos, Constantinos

The Recent Case Law on Locus Standi of Private Applicants under Art. 230 (4) EC: A Missed Opportunity or A Velvet Revolution?

1129 02.12.2005 MPIfG Philip Manow

National Vote Intention and European Voting Behavior, 1979–2004 Second Order Effects, Election Timing, Government Approval and the Europeanization of European Elections

1130 01.12.2005 EUILAW Wojciech Sadurski

Law’s Legitimacy and Democracy-Plus

1131 01.12.2005 EUILAW Neil Walker

Constitutionalism and New Governance in the European Union: Rethinking the Boundaries

1132 01.12.2005 EUILAW Wojciech Sadurski

Majority Rule, Legitimacy and Political Equality

1133 01.12.2005 EUILAW Rainer Nickel

Participatory Transnational Governance

1134 01.12.2005 EUILAW Marie-Ange Moreau

European Solidarity and Labour Law: Some Thoughts Stemming from the Question of Restructuring in Europe

1135 01.12.2005 EUILAW Neil Walker

Making a World of Difference? Habermas, Cosmopolitanism and the Constitutionalization of International Law

1136 01.12.2005 EUILAW Wojciech Sadurski

Scrutinizing Discrimination: a Conceptual and Normative Analysis of Legal Equality

1137 01.12.2005 EUILAW Neil Walker

Legal Theory and the European Union

1138 01.12.2005 EUILAW Christian Joerges; Dario Castiglione

Working through “Bitter Experiences” towards Constitutionalisation ; Are those that forget the past doomed to repeat its mistakes?

1139 28.11.2005 ARENA Maria Martens

Run-away bureaucracy? Exploring the role of National Regulatory Agencies in the EU

1140 24.11.2005 EIoP Dimitrova, Antoaneta; Rhinard, Mark

The power of norms in the transposition of EU directives

1141 21.11.2005 ARENA Rainer Eising

The access of business interests to European Union institutions: notes towards a theory

1142 18.11.2005 JeanMonnet Boris Rotenberg

The Legal Regulation of Software Interoperability in the EU

1143 17.11.2005 EUROGOV Treib, Oliver; Bähr, Holger; Falkner, Gerda

Modes of Governance: A Note Towards Conceptual Clarification

1144 17.11.2005 ARENA Jonathan P. Aus

Conjunctural Causation in Comparative Case-Oriented Research: Exploring the Scope Conditions of Rationalist and Institutionalist Causal Mechanisms

1145 05.11.2005 MPIfG Trif, Aurora

Collective Bargaining Practices in Eastern Europe: Case Study Evidence from Romania

1146 3.11.2005 ScPo Zaki Laïdi

Peut-on prendre la puissance européenne au sérieux?

1147 27.10.2005 Queens Francesco Gilioli

Cross-border cooperation in Ireland, its legal framework and Europe: A third party view

1148 26.10.2005 EUIRSCAS Roel Beetsma, Massimo Giuliodori, Franc Klaassen

Trade Spillovers of Fiscal Policy in the European Union: A Panel Analysis

1149 24.10.2005 ARENA Ulf Sverdrup

Administering information: Eurostat and statistical integration

1150 20.10.2005 EUIRSCAS Angela Liberatore

Balancing Security and Democracy: The Politics of Biometric Identification in the European Union

1151 19.10.2005 EIoP Howarth, David J.

Making and Breaking the Rules: French policy on EU 'gouvernement économique' and the Stability and Growth Pact

1152 18.10.2005 ARENA Jeffrey T. Checkel

It’s the Process Stupid! Process Tracing in the Study of European and International Politics

1153 17.10.2005 ARENA Ulf Sverdrup

Implementation and European integration: A review essay

1154 14.10.2005 EIoP Larsson, Torbjorn; Trondal, Jarle

After Hierarchy? Domestic Executive Governance and the Differentiated Impact of the European Commission and the Council of Ministers

1155 14.10.2005 EIoP Friedrichs, Jörg; Mihov, Jordan; Popova, Maria

Synergies and Tradeoffs in International Cooperation: Broadening, Widening, and Deepening

1156 14.10.2005 EIoP Breuss, Fritz

Economic Integration, EU-US Trade Conflicts and WTO Dispute Settlement

1157 13.10.2005 EUIRSCAS Andrea Oelsner

(De)Securitisation Theory and Regional Peace: Some Theoretical Reflections and a Case Study on the Way to Stable Peace

1158 10.2005 EUIRSCAS Kivanç Ulusoy

Turkey's Reform Effort Reconsidered, 1987-2004

1159 19.9.2005 EUROGOV Avdagic, Sabina; Rhodes, Martin; Visser, Jelle

The Emergence and Evolution of Social Pacts: A Provisional Framework for Comparative Analysis

1160 16.9.2005 ARENA Johan P. Olsen The political organization of Europe: Differentiation and unification
1161 09.2005 EUIRSCAS Fiona Hayes-Renshaw, Wim van Aken and Helen Wallace

When and Why the Council of Ministers of the EU Votes Explicitly

1162 09.2005 EUIRSCAS Fritz Scharpf

No Exit from the Joint Decision Trap? Can German Federalism Reform Itself?

1163 24.8.2005 ARENA Torbjörn Larsson and Jarle Trondal

After Hierarchy? The Differentiated Impact of the European Commission and the Council of Ministers on Domestic Executive Governance

1164 12.08.2005 JeanMonnet Theodor Schilling

On the Constitutionalization of General International Law

1165 12.8.2005 ARENA Hans-Jörg Trenz

Language Minorities in Europe: Dying species or forerunner of a transnational civil society?

1166 12.8.2005 EIoP Abromeit, Heidrun; Wolf, Sebastian

Will the Constitutional Treaty Contribute to the Legitimacy of the European Union?

1167 09.08.2005 ConWEB Lisbet Hooghe and Gary Marks

The Neofunctionalists Were (almost) Right: Politicization and European Integration

1168 09.08.2005 ConWEB Peer Zumbansen

Beyond Territoriality: The Case of Transnational Human Rights Litigation

1169 30.7.2005 Queens Alexander Brand, Arne Niemann

The Societal/Trans-national Dimension of Europeanisation: The Case of German Football

1170 27.07.2005 EUIRSCAS Jean de Ruyt

Un ministre pour une politique étrangère européenne

1171 22.07.2005 JeanMonnet Fernando Gonzalez Rojas

The Notion of Discrimination in Article 1102 of NAFTA

1172 22.07.2005 JeanMonnet N’Gunu N. Tiny

Judicial Accommodation: NAFTA, the EU and the WTO

1173 20.7.2005 EIoP Jordana, Jacint; Levi-Faur, David; Puig, Imma

The Limits of Europeanization: Regulatory Reforms in the Spanish and Portuguese Telecommunications and Electricity Sectors

1174 15.07.2005 MPIfG Trif, Aurora and Karl Koch

Strategic Unionism in Eastern Europe: The Case of Romania

1175 10.7.2005 EIoP Raunio, Tapio

Much Ado About Nothing? National Legislatures in the EU Constitutional Treaty

1176 5.7.2005 ARENA John Erik Fossum and Hans-Jörg Trenz

The EU’s fledgling society: From deafening silence to critical voice in European constitution making

1177 07.2005 EUIRSCAS Jean de Ruyt Un ministre pour une politique étrangère européenne
1178 01.07.2005 EUILAW Christian Joerges

Rethinking European Law's Supremacy with Comments by Damian CHALMERS, Rainer NICKEL, Florian RÖDL, Robert WAI

1179 28.6.2005 EIoP Schmidt, Vivian A.

The Role of Public Discourse in European Social Democratic Reform Projects

1180 27.06.2005 JeanMonnet Alessandro Ferrari

Religions, secularity and democracy in Europe: for a new Kelsenian pact

1181 14.6.2005 EIoP Hartlapp, Miriam

Two Variations on a Theme: Different Logics of Implementation Management in the EU and the ILO

1182 13.06.2005 JeanMonnet David M. Trubek, Patrick Cottrell, Mark Nance

“Soft Law,” “Hard Law,” and European Integration: Toward a Theory of Hybridity

1183 02.06.2005 ConWEB James Tully

Communication Networks, Hegemony, and Communicative Action

1184 1.6.2005 ScPo Renaud Dehousse, Florence Deloche-Gaudez

The Making of a Transnational Constitution: An Institutionalist Perspective on the European Convention

1185 1.6.2005 ScPo Christian Joerges

Que reste-t-il de la Constitution économique européenne après la constitutionnalisation de l’Europe. Une rétrospective mélancolique

1186 1.6.2005 ScPo Mario Savino

The Constitutional Legitimacy of the EU Committees

1187 1.6.2005 ScPo Eric L’Heolgualc’h

“Le Traité établissant une Constitution pour l’Europe : une étape dans la dynamique constitutionnelle européenn

1188 01.06.2005 EUILAW Jacques Ziller

What's New in European Administrative Law? Quoi de Neuf en Droit Administratif européen ?

1189 01.06.2005 EUILAW Jacques Ziller

The Challenge of Governance in Regional Integration. Key Experiences from Europe

1190 30.5.2005 EUROGOV Zeitlin, Jonathan

Social Europe and Experimentalist Governance: Towards a New Constitutional Compromise?

1191 18.5.2005 EUROGOV Mair, Peter

Popular Democracy and the European Union Polity

1192 11.5.2005 ARENA John Erik Fossum and Agustín José Menéndez

Democratic constitution-making - Reflections on the European experiment

1193 05.2005 EUIRSCAS Gavin Anderson

Legal Pluralism and the Politics of Constitutional Definition

1194 01.05.2005 EUILAW Fabrizio Cafaggi

Organizational Loyalties and Models of Firms: Governance Design and Standard of Duties

1195 01.05.2005 EUILAW Hanns Ullrich

Traditional Knowledge, Biodiversity, Benefit-Sharing and the Patent System: Romantics v. Economics?

1196 05.2005 EUIRSCAS Beata Klimkiewicz

Media Pluralism: European Regulatory Policies and the Case of Central Europe

1197 01.05.2005 EUILAW Marie-Ange Moreau

La recherche de nouvelles méthodes de régulation sociale: quelles fonctions, quelle complémentarités?

1198 05.2005 EUIRSCAS Mario del Pero

'A Balance of Power that Favors Freedom'. The Historical and Ideological Roots of the Neo-Conservative Persuasion

1199 05.2005 EUIRSCAS Enrica Rigo

Implications of EU Enlargement for Border Management and Citizenship in Europe

1200 01.05.2005 EUILAW Fabrizio Cafaggi

Gouvernance et responsabilité des régulateurs privés

1201 01.05.2005 EUILAW Marie-Ange Moreau

L'internationalisation de l'emploi et les délocalisations en Europe: perspectives juridiques

1202 21.4.2005 MPIfG Aurora Trif

Explaining Diversity in Industrial Relations at Company Level in Eastern Europe: Evidence from Romania

1203 15.4.2005 ARENA Morten Egeberg

Executive Politics as Usual: Role Behaviour and Conflict Dimensions in the College of European Commissioners

1204 14.4.2005 EIoP Kochenov, Dimitry

EU Enlargement Law: History and Recent Developments: Treaty – Custom Concubinage?

1205 06.04.2005 EUIRSCAS Gwendolyn Sasse

EU Conditionality and Minority Rights: Translating the Copenhagen Criterion into Policy

1206 04.2005 EUIRSCAS Angelos Sepos

Differentiated Integration in the EU: the position of small member states

1207 01.04.2005 EUILAW Neil Walker

The Migration of Constitutional Ideas and the Migration of the Constitutional Idea: the Case of the EU

1208 31.3.2005 ARENA Åse Gornitzka

Coordinating policies for a Europe of knowledge - Emerging practices of the Open Method of Coordination in education and research

1209 30.3.2005 ARENA Johan P. Olsen

The institutional dynamics of the (European) University

1210 14.3.2005 EUROGOV Kohler-Koch, Beate

European governance and system integration

1211 14.3.2005 ARENA John Erik Fossum & Agustín José Menéndez

The Constitution’s Gift? A deliberative democratic analysis of constitution-making in the European Union

1212 14.3.2005 ARENA Maria Martens

Double-hatted agencies on the European scene? A case study of the IMPEL network

1213 14.3.2005 ARENA James G. March & Johan P. Olsen

Elaborating the New Institutionalism

1214 14.3.2005 EUROGOV Follesdal, Andreas; Hix, Simon

Why There is a Democratic Deficit in the EU: A Response to Majone and Moravcsik

1215 8.3.2005 ARENA Johan P. Olsen

Maybe it is time to rediscover bureaucracy?

1216 1.3.2005 EIoP Dutzler, Barbara; Hable, Angelika

The European Court of Justice and the Stability and Growth Pact - Just the Beginning?

1217 01.03.2005 ConWEB Tanja E. Aalberts

Sovereignty Reloaded? A Constructivist Perspective on European Research

1218 1.3.2005 EIoP Melchior, Josef

National and European Understandings of Democracy: The Case of Austria and the EU

1219 01.03.2005 EUILAW Sebastian Krapohl

Thalomide, BSE and the Single Market: A Historical-Institutionalist Approach to Regulatory Regimes in the European Union

1220 18.02.2005 ConWEB Andreas Fischer-Lescano

Redefining Sovereignty via International Constitutional Moments?

1221 17.02.2005 EUIRSCAS Christine Landfried

Difference as a Potential for European Constitution-Making

1222 15.2.2005 ARENA Anton Steen

National Elites in the Post-national Era: Ethno-politics and Internationalization in the Baltic States

1223 12.2.2005 ARENA Agustín José Menéndez

Neither Constitution, Nor Treaty

1224 11.2.2005 Queens Wolfgang Weiß

Eastern Enlargement and European Constitutionalisation

1225 5.2.2005 ARENA Agustín José Menéndez

The Purse of the Polity. Tax power in the European Union

1226 01.02.2005 EUILAW Hanns Ullrich

Anti-Unfair Competition Law and Anti-Trust Law: A Continental Conundrum?

1227 02.2005 EUIRSCAS Eva Nieto Garrido

The Strengthening of the Commission Competences by the Constitutional Treaty and the Principle of Balance of Power

1228 02.2005 EUIRSCAS Helene Oger

Integration in Tension in Immigration Law: Mirror and Catalyst of the Inherent Paradox of the Nation-States

1229 01.02.2005 EUILAW Christine Bakker; Elsa Gopala Krishnan; Luisa Vierucci; Pierre-Marie Dupuy

Selected Issues in International Criminal Law. Working Group on International Criminal Law. Collected Reports 2003-2004

1230 1.2.2005 ARENA John Erik Fossum

Contemporary European constitution-making: constrained or reflexive?

1231 18.1.2005 MPIfG Cornelia Woll

Learning to Act on World Trade Preference Formation of Large Firms in the United States and the European Union

1232 15.1.2005 ARENA Andreas Maurer

The Convention and the national parliamentary dimension

1233 15.1.2005 ARENA Ulf Sverdrup

How the enlargement challenges the institutions - or the existence - of the European Economic Area

1234 14.1.2005 EIoP Haverland, Markus

Does the EU cause domestic developments? The problem of case selection in Europeanization research

1235 14.1.2005 EIoP Trondal, Jarle

Two Worlds of Europeanisation – Unpacking Models of Government Innovation and Transgovernmental Imitation

1236 14.1.2005 EIoP Piedrafita Tremosa, Sonia

The EU Eastern enlargement: Policy choices of the Spanish government

1237 20.12.2004 EIoP Busch, Per-Olof; Jörgens, Helge; Tews, Kerstin

The Global Diffusion of Regulatory Instruments: The Making of a New International Environmental Regime

1238 15.12.2004 ARENA Børge O. Romsloe

EU's External Policy: Are the Lilliputians Impotent or Potent? The Case of Crisis Management in the Amsterdam Treaty

1239 12.12.2004 JeanMonnet Zoe Apostolopoulou

Equal Treatment of People with Disabilities in the EC: What does “Equal” mean?

1240 12.12.2004 JeanMonnet Gregory Shaffer and Mark Pollack

Regulating Between National Fears and Global Disciplines:Agricultural Biotechnology in the EU

1241 10.12.2004 EIoP Ubertazzi, Benedetta

The End of the ECSC

1242 09.12.2004 JeanMonnet Amanda Sloat

Legislating for Equality:The Implementation of the EU Equality Acquis in Central and Eastern Europe

1243 12.2004 EUIRSCAS Stijn Smismans

The EU's Schizophrenic Constitutional Debate: Vertical and Horizontal Decentralism in European Governance

1244 1.12.2004 ARENA Andreas Føllesdal

Justice, Stability and Toleration in a Federation of Well-Ordered Peoples

1245 12.2004 EUIRSCAS Alison Harcourt

Institution-Driven Competition: The Regulation of Cross-Border Broadcasting in the EU

1246 12.2004 EUIRSCAS Verena Fritz

State Weakness in Eastern Europe: concept and causes

1247 12.2004 EUIRSCAS Stephan Stetter

Torn between Reform and Stagnation: An Institutionalist Analysis of the MEDA Programme

1248 26.11.2004 EIoP Versluis, Esther

Explaining Variations in Implementation of EU Directives

1249 24.11.2004 ARENA Erik Oddvar Eriksen

Reflexive Integration in Europe

1250 12.11.2004 MPIfG Scharpf, Fritz W.

Legitimationskonzepte jenseits des Nationalstaats

1251 4.11.2004 MPIfG Sabina Avdagic

Loyalty and Power in Union–Party Alliances: Labor Politics in Postcommunism

1252 3.11.2004 ScPo David Camroux

“The Rise and Decline of the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM): Asymmetric Bilateralism and the Limitations of Interregionalism

1253 3.11.2004 ScPo Florence Deloche-Gaudez

Le Secrétariat de la Convention européenne : un acteur influent

1254 3.11.2004 ScPo Stephanie Claudia Hoffman

“What Am I? That is the Question. Norm Contestation, Reinforcement and Coexistence and the Creation of CFSP

1255 1.11.2004 ARENA Dario Barbieri

Europeanization of National Administrations: an Assessment of the Italian Antitrust Authority and Environment Agency Cases

1256 11.2004 EUIRSCAS Michele Ca' Zorzi, Roberto A. De Santis

The Eastward Enlargement of the European Monetary Union

1257 11.2004 EUIRSCAS Elizabeth Pond

The Dynamics of Alliance Diplomacy Over Iraq

1258 11.2004 EUIRSCAS Georges-Henri Soutou

Three Rifts, Two Reconciliations: Franco-American Relations During the Fifth Republic

1259 01.11.2004 EUILAW Jacques Ziller

L'autorité administrative dans l'Union européenne

1260 11.2004 EUIRSCAS Patrick Chamorel

Anti-Europeanism and Euroscepticism in the United States

1261 01.11.2004 EUILAW Jacques Ziller

La place du droit matériel dans le projet de constitution : Pourquoi une troisième partie ?

1262 01.11.2004 EUILAW Christian Joerges

What is Left of the European Economic Constitution?

1263 1.11.2004 MPIfG Schäfer, Armin

A New Form of Governance? Comparing the Open Method of Coordination to Multilateral Surveillance by the IMF and the OECD

1264 11.2004 EUIRSCAS Paolo Guerrieri, Filippo Vergara Caffarelli

International Fragmentation of Production and Euro-Med Integration

1265 11.2004 EUIRSCAS Nathalie Tocci

Conflict Resolution in the European Neighbourhood: The Role of the EU as a Framework and as an Actor